Hi Everyone. I had a full colectomy and reversal performed in 2014 by Dr. Greenstein at Mount Sinai in NYC. The last three years have been somewhat rough and I have been on both flagyl and cipro daily for almost two years now. I still find myself going to the bathroom roughly 15-20 times a day.

My new surgeon (Dr. Feza Remzi at NYU) just conducted several scans, as well as a scope, and concluded that my jpouch is twisted at the site of connection. He believes that this is causing an obstruction around the anus, which in turn cause swelling and back-up. He feels that the only way to address this issue is to redo the entire surgery in three parts and create a new jpouch.
Obviously I'm not very eager to redo the entire process from the start. Has anyone on here ever dealt with a twist at the site of connection? Does anyone know of any other means of addressing this issue rather than starting from scratch again through surgery? Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I'd also gladly welcome the names of any surgeons or doctors who have dealt with such an issue and have alternative ideas to surgery. Thanks everyone.
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I wish you weren't facing this, but you are in very good hands. If the antibiotics were making things okay you could stick with what you've got, but it sounds like that's not adequate. I guess I'd choose to let Dr. Remzi fix it. FWIW, it's a result to look forward to, even if the process isn't a happy prospect. 

I am so sorry...I know how frustrating this sort of thing can be.

I am just curious but can't they fix this through laparoscopy? If they can do whole pouches that way, from start to finish, can't they do a redo that way? (I am not expert in what can be done in the U.S.)

Also, you may wish to ask, if it is not too damaged, if they can't keep the original pouch and just fix the affixation?

Just some random thoughts.

Good luck


Thanks for your response. According to the surgeon, when performing this surgery laparoscopically, its difficult to see the exact site of connection of the Jpouch. That can be the reason that there is a twist. Therefore, the best way to perform this surgery is through a regular incision so they can properly see the sight of connection. In addition, I guess that there is no way to simply un-twist and reconnect the pouch without redoing everything. 

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