• recently read about beneficial properties of turmeric supplement for various inflammatory problems. Anyone with experience using it for pouchitis?
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I'm curious too, since there is some recent evidence showing that taking curcumen supplements with mesalamine provided better clinical and endoscopic improvement of UC than mesalamine alone. More data is needed however, especially regarding using it instead of traditional medicine. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25724700



 I use organic turmeric powder in my cooking. When I'm making scrabbled eggs, roasted vegetables, tofu, chicken, anything, I sprinkle the bright orange powder on the food near the end of cooking. It has a delicious, earthy, rich taste. Can't really describe it, but it tastes good and enhances whatever food you use it on. When cooking with turmeric powder, or with freshly grated turmeric root (looks like fresh ginger root), the absorption will be increased if you expose the turmeric to cooking heat, some oil (olive oil, avocado, vegetable oil) and black pepper. If you prefer to take the supplement form, look in health food stores and you will often see labels stating that it contains black pepper. I started using turmeric powder or grating it fresh in my cooking almost a year ago. I used to suffer from pouchitis and burning all the time and had to take cipro. My pouch is 16 months old. I enjoy a huge variety of food, even mildly spicy, but no nuts or seeds. I just had my regular scope and there is no sign of pouchitis or inflammation. 

I've been taking a digestive enzyme that includes tumeric & ginger.. I must say I feel amazing. Wish I was told about these years ago. I also use either fresh tumeric grated in my tea or ground tumeric. 

Winterberry, are you still cooking with turmeric and free from pouchitis and inflammation? Have been reading about the benefits of both turmeric and boswellia.  Rose

I've spoken with my GI since this posting 2 years ago. He wasn't familiar with anyone who has tried the turmeric but was fine with me trying it. I never went full speed ahead with it as I was a little nervous that discontinuing Flagyl would cause flare up. One daily capsule didn't seem to have much impact. For these past 2 years I have been on a rotating schedule of 90 days flagyl then 90 days Cipro. Been free of pouchitis the entire time. Overall sense of wellness has been good but I constantly have concerns about long term use of antibiotics. As Winterberry noted, if you try the supplements (capsules) you should only use the one with added pepper. YTCROCKPOT'S story above is the most impressive I've heard. Best of luck to you and please post any helpful results or info

Thank you for your reply, JMarc. I'm not on any med other than potassium. Have zero symptoms, only 4 daily movements and feel great. Pouch just had its 27th birthday. On my last scope there was some ulceration at the inlet and some inflammation in the pouch. Have been taking curcumin & boswellia after reading several studies on NIH site. Am hoping these are helping but won't know till next scope. I certainly don't want to take biologics or other meds if I have no symptoms.  

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