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Hey everybody

I've currently got an ileostomy due to a perforated colon and emergency surgery due to ulcerative colitis. I've had it for about a year and a half. I had my son before I had the surgery but it all flared up just after he was born. Anyway... I'm currently pregnant now (36weeks!

I want another baby if my body allows it but I've been told that because I want the j pouch operation done then I'll have to have a c section with this baby and if I get pregnant again.

My tummy has a scar which runs all the way down the middle and is about 15inches long also I have no belly button anymore it just looks like a dark Brown mess! Now I'll also have c section scars so I was wondering if anyone has had the ileostomy and then had c sections and then a reversal to have the j pouch...and then had a tummy tuck? Bit of a mouth full and a long babble from me hit I just really wanted to know if it can happen because I'm only 27 and I just wanted to feel a little better about myself

Sally xxxxx
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I think that I answered this post or another similar one on the general section...but there is no reason why the surgeon cannot reuse the same scar or even take advantage of the c-section to reduce the mess and make you a pretty abdomen at the same time...they can recreate belly-buttons there are a couple of hospitals and private clinics (very chic, very expensive) that specialise in a 3in1 c-section...they birth your baby, give you a tummy tuck and pull it all together at the same time...(some even do the vaginal tightening surgery!!) that the women look better coming out than they did before they got to your doctor and see what he can suggest.

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