I use it, too!  I just try to include it in food whenever it makes sense.  Curry powder has it naturally so I like to cook with that.  I've put it in rice and oatmeal, too, although I'm trying to steer clear of all grains currently. :/  

I also have a supplement - Dr. Tobias Turmeric 15X plus BioPerine that I take 1x daily.

I use it every day, Youtheory brand from Costco. 1000 mg with 10 mg piperine, 1 capsule a day. Never have any issues on re-entry, although occasionally I'll get a peppery burp or two if I haven't had enough water. One big gulp of water usually takes care of it. Seems to work wonders -- I had problems with recurrent acute back spasms for years, those went away once I started on turmeric.

Hello, Michele. I use organic powdered turmeric from a health food store. I sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, vegetables, fish, tofu, avocado toast, smoothies, anything at all. The earthy rich taste is great. Use black pepper at the same time: black pepper helps the body absorb the turmeric. That's why sometimes you'll see some capsules sold with a label that says "with black pepper".  Turmeric is also sold in greengrocers in raw root form (it looks like a fresh ginger root!) and you can keep it in a zip lock Baggie in your freezer so you can grate it over food. Keeps forever in the freezer. 

Just curious- have always heard turmeric is good for you, healthy, but wondering what specifically benefit is there for j-pouchers? Pouch inflammation or arthritis? Do others think it causes butt burn too? Don’t need to add to that! Thanks!

I've never experienced butt burn from Turmeric at all.  The benefit for J-Pouchers is general anti-inflammation.  Here is some reading from varied sources to get a broad perspective. (Not surprisingly WebMD has a healthy dose of skepticism, but I expected that because all my medical doctors (GI and my Surgeon) have said I should be able to eat whatever I want post-surgery, and I know that's not true - we still have autoimmune issues, and that doesn't go away just because our colon does.)





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