Yeah, so. The run-down is overwhelming. Had a stricture repair in April, went great. Finally started to really breathe again; settled into job, had time to address other life issues more. But...

Parents live with us. Dad diagnosed with Alzheimer's and FTD. Tough. He is NOT a nice person. Even tougher. Mom is in full-blown avoidance mode. Bleah.

Two teens in the house. Fighting battles with the school system over help for dyslexia and dyscalculia. Older one has Asperger's, eating problems, allergies, anxiety issues. Just came to me about 10 days ago and informed me that every time she has a bowel movement the toilet bowl is full of blood. Fast forward: stool sample confirms that the blood is IN the stool, not from a fissure/haemorrhoid. Have appointment with the paediatric person today; 100% sure she needs a colonoscopy. I am 100% freaking out.

To top it off, I am pretty sure my asymptomatic Crohn's (except, you know, for those pesky fistulas) is becoming symptomatic.

Too, too much. Very difficult not to just feel sorry for myself! Am truly wondering how much more we can take before we just go under, stress-wise.

Thanks for listening. If you believe in prayer, please offer up a few for us.


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Oh my.  Gin, SO sorry to hear all this and simply don't know what to say.  I cannot imagine the stress.  Daily prayers go out to you and every member of your family.   

I literally cannot comprehend how much pressure you're dealing with. You seem like a very strong person for having dealt with a Crohn's resurgence on top of the other horrendous things you're going through. If it's any consolation, I'm a seventeen year old who was diagnosed with UC last year. The process was extremely difficult and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but my family and I were able to persevere solely through Christ. The medical professionals in America are absolutely tremendous and made the process relatively smooth and fast. If your daughter ends up having IBD -- which I will be praying she does not -- please let her know there are others like her. Isolation was the single most painful thing I dealt with (something you are obviously feeling and rightly so). I will keep your family in my prayers and hope that things start to balance out for you soon.

God bless.

Finally catching up here. So sorry to hear these woes, Gin. I wish I had some pleasant platitude to smooth the rough edges, but I am at a loss. This seems like one huge spiked snow ball with no way out of its path. By now, you probably have the verdict on daughter's symptoms and are dealing with it. As bad as that is, it's better than not knowing.

Bless you for taking your folks in. That is a tall order that many could not manage. Be sure to take time out for yourself before you go off the deep end!


Hi Gin,

I just read you and I am heartbroken hearing the list (and probably so much more that you are not telling us) need help, big-time...maybe it is time to ask the government for assistance in keeping your an aide  ( yes they have them,  can supply one to you in lieu of putting your dad in a home...threats to such action may get things costs them EU rules....also get yourself a free on ombudsmen or legal aide to help you to fight some of those battles.. time to shake some trees I stead of carrying all of those burdens on your tiny shoulders ).

Same for the school...go to a legal aide lawyer and have them fight for you...if you have "home owner's insurance then it is included in the services that they legal advice.

You need people to fight these battles for you so that you can take care of you...



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