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Hello all,
I have visited many times over the years and am hoping to receive some advice. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 5 months now. For the first two months we just had fun trying, but since then we have been more closely tracking my cycle. Unfortunately my cycle is very long at 40 days, but fortunately it is regular. I have been reading about diet changes (gluten free and/or vegan) have helped some women with autoimmune diseases regain their fertility. I was wondering if anyone tried to alter their diet or have any other tricks they think might have contributed to your pregnancies. Thank you all in advance!
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How are you tracking your cycles? Are you using OPK's and basal body tracking. If not, take a look at an application called fertility friend. It teaches you the basics of tracking your cycles so that you can determine when/ if you ovulate. A long cycle isn't a negative thing (per say) as long as you can confirm ovulation. As is j pouchers are prone to vitmain deficiencies and thyroid problems you can have blood work done just to make sure everything is okay in that sense. A prenatal vitamin is also a must for us, even when just trying to conceive. After six months with confirmed ovulation you can go see a doctor as you have had a surgery that can impact fertility. Don't lose hope and remember that it can take a healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant (it took me a little over a year). Hope that helps

After a year of trying and disappointment my Doctor scheduled me a Hysterosalpingogram which detected scar tissue in my fallopian tubes, explaining why I was not getting pregnant. It was great to find out, but also very sad to know this was the news. So we moved on and now have the most precious little 2 year old girl that we were fortunate to adopt when she was 10 days old!!!


Scar tissue forming in your abdomen is very common in J Pouchers.And I have always been prone to scar tissue.


Thank you both for responding. I have been using an app to track my cycle but if we don't have any luck this cycle I will get an ovulation test kit to start tracking as well. Are there any ovulation kits anyone would recommend?

I  keeping my fingers crossed we can naturally do this, but am also prepared that we might need to take extra steps to help our family grow. Congrats on your little girl! Adoption is a route I have so many questions about and am blessed to have a good friend as a resource but may also be asking for questions as we consider adopting. She is so lucky to have you!! Can I ask if you used a consultant?
There is a brand you can purchase off amazon called Wondfo. If you go the route of buying your brand name ovulation tests you will spend lots of money for only a couple months worth whereas Wondfo is cost effective and does the same thing (measure lutenizing hormone).

Another good resource is taking charge of your fertility. It's a great book and every library will carry it.

Hope that helps !
We did not use an adoption agency after researching and talking to people it seems agency's are just middle man that drive the costs up. Also we were advised by our Attorney not to do any online profile websites because that opens you up to scammers. First we had our home study done with a social worker who talked us into getting on the state list. Then we hired a local attorney that specializes in adoption that put us on his list and helped us create a profile booklet about us to give to prospects. We ended up getting a call from the state and our social worker presented us to the state as a potential candidate with our profile booklet which really helped us stand out. We were chosen by the state out of 5 interested couples to adopt our Faughter. Our local attorney finalized our adoption and was paid for by the state. Our adoption really was a dream went very smoothly and only cost us the fees if a home study so about $1800. Feel free to ask more.

After 6 months of no success, you should definitely be checked for scar tissue.  Unfortunately, that is much more like a cause of not getting pregnant for us J-pouchers.  At least you know then so you aren't focusing on an issue that isn't really an issue.  Still, don't be discouraged, it took us 6 months with our first baby to conceive and that was pre-pouch.

I would suggest talking to an ob. We tried for about 5 months, then went to an ob, they did some blood work and also checked for scar tissue, turned out I had one blocked tube, but was ovulating from the other, her suggestion was to try clomid first to release more eggs, then if that didn't work to go from there. I filled the clomid prescription , but found out that month that I was pregnant already. It took 9 months and that was with only one tube. Still it was very reassuring to talk to and work with the ob. I am also 36 so felt time was of the essence.

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