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Hi. I have had a BCIR 4 years. The last year has been the best of the 4...until recently. To give you a little hx, my pouch has always leaked quite a bit...I saturate half of a thin maxi pad every 4-6 hours. I have also had trouble intubating at times...but never as bad as the last 2 days.   I can no longer get in my pouch fully. It feels like the catheter is hitting a "wall." The catheter gets bits of fresh blood on it as I try. Finally, if the pouch is full enough, I get in but I can tell I am not fully in....

I guess I should get evaluated by my GI? I am kind of bummed...I was hoping to avoid doctors this year. It seems like the medical problems never stop....iron infusions, oopherectomy, endometriosis, ovarian cysts the size of softballs that have to be needle drained....

I am a mom of three young children...


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I have had a Koch Pouch for 44 years.  I have always secreted a lot of mucous - not "leaking" (no fecal matter), just mucous - so I need to cover the stoma with a pad with waterproof backing. 

I had a problem inserting the tube for a few years and ended up in hospital in 2017 when it became completely impossible to irrigate.  They dilated the passage but a nurse suggested inserting a smaller tube (depending on the brand 14 or 16 FR) inside the 23 Fr irrigation tube to lead the tube through.  It works perfectly for me.  

I've also had a few other health problems after the initial ileostomy and then the Koch pouch surgery (stones in the pouch, gall bladder removal, hysterectomy followed later by  oophorectomy, removal of huge endometriosis growth, hospitalised with salmonella poisoning and 25 years later with Campylobacter).  I know it can be daunting but hang in there!



Have you tried changing positions? If you normally sit, try standing up (less pressure on the bottom of your will hang 'free'...and may make things easier, if not try laying down either in the tub or on your bed with a blue pad under you and a jug or cup to catch output. 

Once you get the catheter in, please leave it in for a few days. You can plug it or hook it up to a leg bag or something else.

Do not irritate it more than it is already. 

IF you feel like you are hitting a wall, it might mean that you have a kink or a twist or that your pouch has slipped down off of the wall and is pull on the valve which causes a change in trajectory.

You can PM me if you need some extra info.



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