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Hello. I had my surgeries in 2012. I'm basically back to my old self physically with the exception of emptying my pouch. I feel like I have to strain a bit to get everything out and if I don't, I don't empty all the way and I'm back in the bathroom more frequently. In doing so, I have given myself an umbilical hernia. Has anyone else had this issue?


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  • image: Ol' "Unfaithful" himself!
  • image: Another pic of my problem child
  • image: What I have left. Lol
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Hi there, I too have a j-pouch and strugle with this. What helps me immeasurably now is to have a bidet. I used to use a hand held sprayer but this is much better. It actually gives me an enema when I use it and that helps me to empty completely.  Mine is like this:
They can be a little hit or miss...I have one of the exact same in my second bathroom that doesn't squirt as high of pressure and is not as effective...but still much better than nothing at all. If I travel anywhere overnight, I bring this baby with me!!

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