Hi all, I have had my J-pouch for about 10 years now. I have found foods that help, foods that hurt and everything in between. The thing I can't seem to find is what to take to help gain weight. 

My problem is after getting sick, I end up losing 5-10 lbs. in a week or 2. And on average it takes me 2-3 months to get back to that weight, which wasn't anywhere I would like to be 5'10" 150... I work out when I am feeling healthy and play hockey. but I am constantly fatigued when I have dipped into the 140's. Has anyone else had this issue years after their surgery? I have read some take imodium and do the shakes. Which I am going to try out, but I fear the mass discomfort from the imodium as in the past it caused my pouch to harden from the gas it created.

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i had my jpouch since 4.15.15 and I too experience hard times gaining weight.  I dont get sick, but I just can't gain weight.  I  am 5'6 and 114 lbs.  like to be 125 lbs in case i do get sick.  I tried everything, weightgaining shakes, just the very best foods, nothing helps.  It goes out as fastest it goes in.  I do take paregoric, cholestyramine, lomotil and metamusil before every meal except the paragoric and cholestyramine, i take that in the morning and at night.  so there you have it.  Any sugestions  or help is highly appreciated.  the constant trips to the bathrooms drive me crazy.....

Gaining weights been trouble.  If you have a high metabolism it's difficult. The only way I can gain weight is if I eat the right foods, proteins,  calories. And lift weights at the gym to gain muscle. Supplement with drinks and shakes too. I like foods high in fat that stay with me like avocados,  olive oil, nuts.

Thanks Joey, I basically do the same thing as you.  I must have an high metabolism.  Will start the weight training again.

In a way we are lucky.  Who can eat avocodos, lots of  butter (the best by the way is KERRY butter made from grasfed cows, which is better for us than the organic),  Haagen Dasz Ice Cream and Lucini olive Oil, and nuts,  without gaining any weight. Haha.

Gotta go to lift some weights.

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