I'm planning a trip to Europe in the coming year - England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece & Turkey, and perhaps a visit to Paris along the way. I'll be over in Europe quite a few months & because of all the restrictions on airlines will not be able to take enough lubricating jelly with me to last very long. Can someone please tell me if I will be able to find places easily to buy lubricating jelly. The reason I am wondering is because I recently moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan. I've phoned all pharmacies close to me & believe it or not cannot find anything other than K-Y jelly! Thanks. - Dixie
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Hi Dixie,
I used to bring over tube after tube of lube and worried like crazy...now I have a little one-handed flip-top dispenser (an old mini lube container) that I fill with olive oil!
So don't worry, just try to find a good container...the olive oil requires 2 drops and needs no special care or stocking.
As for the rest, bring tubes, tape, syringes and a small sip-top water bottle for rincing out the tube. I bring pencil cases to stock my stuff but a fanny pack works just as well too.
For the rest there is always....Sharon. I am a phone call away in case of emergency!
ps...bravo for the decision
Olive oil is all you need.

I use an otterbox to hold everything. No smell escapes and is waterproof and small enough to carry in my hand or clip on something.
Thanks, Sharon & Vanessa. I had tried olive oil in the past & for some reason it didn't work then as well as the lube, but I tried it again & now it works for me. I've got a small eye dropper type of bottle & it works well to hold & dispense the olive oil. I also have a small bottle for rinsing out the tube - great idea! Thanks for your help. One thing I'm wondering about - can I have these two items in my purse as I will obviously be using them on the plane, or do these have to be in the 1 liter bag in my carry-on bag when I go through security? - Dixie
Happy New Year Dixie,
Yes, you can carry on both but the olive oil dropper bottle needs to be in those silly ziploc bags...The empty bottle, being empty doesn't.
I wear and over the shoulder small leather purse (smaller than a paperback) where I keep all of my 'stuff', all perscriptions, meds, I.D., doctor's letters, a Data Key with my medical files and all pertinent scans, x-rays etc and various other junk.
Other than during passport control it Never leaves my body while traveling, especially not in the airplane. It can even fit a small squirt water bottle for filling and rincing.
I do not consider this a purse but a medical bag and you can inform the airline you travel with that you have a medical conditon, require certain 'leeway' for medical supplies etc and they will walk you through it.
Once I get through security, I buy a bottle of water so I have that for the bathroom to irrigate if I need it. The airlines serve water in cups, refilling the cups. The bathroom water shouldn't be used.
I've never even thought about airplane toilet water. Been using it for years to intubate without thinking about it. As far as I was concerned, it was just tap water.
I believe what lesrich is referring to is a general caution to irrigate only with potable water. Airplane lavatories have a warning to not drink the water from the sink faucet. I always take a couple of empty bottles thru security and fill them at a drinking fountain, thus avoiding the need to buy overpriced airport water. I always empty my pouch before boarding and have yet to use the airplane lavatory.
I don't irrigate but I was told when traveling to use bottled water, even in the states since every city and state has different water systems and a angry pouch might be pissed off basically Smiler

I used toilet water ONCE and that is right when I got C.diff so might be a coincidence.
I have always traveled a lot on long-haul flights (6-10hrs) and at the best of times my pouch goes only 4-6hrs (and that is if I am very careful of what I eat the day/night before)so not emptying it on an airplane is kind of out of the question. I have occasionally put my pouch on strait drain during a flight to avoid any problems when the pouch was acting up or when it was in trouble...I have had my pouch for nearly 35yrs and at the time they hadn't put the 'do not drink this water' sign in the airport toilets yet...so I guess that I got used to doing it back then and I never 're-thought' it. For now, it works...one day I may live to regret it.
Of course for anyone who is very sensitive to foreign bacteria it would be a bad idea to try it...just like drinking water in foreign countries.
I never had any problems with some of the strangest countries but caught something awful when I was in San Fransico a few yrs ago...so you never know.

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