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Hello all! Posting here for the first time.

I had a presumed pouchitis flare about 5 weeks ago. Presumed, because it wasnt confirmed with a pouchoscopy. I had my normal symptoms such as urgency, night accidents etc. I quickly started a two week course of metronidazole and the pouch-specific symptoms faded away about after 5 days on the meds. At this point, I had however developed a number of other, more general symptoms such as heavy fatigue and most noticeably total loss of appetite. I wasnt too worried because I thought those were side-effects from the antibiotics and would pass after finishing the course.

That didnt happen though. Its now three weeks after finishing the antibiotics and my body is a total mess. I have zero appetite and any food makes me nauseous. I've lost 4 kg in couple of weeks. I'm extremely tired and have zero energy to do anything. Most recently I've also had weird, bloaty stomach pain which has ruined my sleep. This is weird, since I've never had actual stomach pains with either colitis or pouchitis.

Despite all this, pouch is functioning pretty normal-ish. Perhaps bit watery output lately, but no urgency or pain.

I just wonder what is going on? Is the pouchitis flare still active despite "unusual" (for me) symptoms? Could this be a sign of developing a Crohns disease?

My doctor thinks my symptoms are not due to pouchitis but agreed to schedule a pouchoscopy so hopefully that will give some answers. I'm pretty desperate at this point after feeling like s*it for weeks and seeing no progress.

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I don't show typical signs for pouchitis. My symptoms are more like yours. I however don't usually have an appetite but that comes from forcing myself to eat and not lose weight. I had the same concerns as it's not typical signs.

Definitely get checked out. I have been doing much better after adding cbd oil(ingested) to my Visbiome. My doctor thinks that the cbd is keeping inflammation down and allowing the Visbiome to get everywhere and keeping the pouchitis bacteria flushed out.

Good luck

I had my pouchoscopy already today. Whole pouch was clearly inflammed and ulcerated. Small intestine looked apparently normal so thats good news, although they of course see only the small part at the end. Regarding my not-so-typical general symptoms, the plan is to check if the situation improves as the pouch starts to heal and if not, then have an gastroscopy.

I was prescribed a 4 week course of Cipro. I've been avoiding Cipro and managed to deal with the pouchitis symptoms with Flagyl / metro in the past. I've been very anxious about the side-effects and possibility of tendon ruptures from Cipro. But I guess I dont have any option at this point.

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