Hey all. I had my j-pouch surgery in September this year. The first month was a nightmare of pretty much going to the toilet at least once every two hours.

However, after seven weeks I was in much better shape. Amazingly my stool was nearly always well formed - not far off normal stools and rarely causing me issues in passsing. There was some issues with gas and some nights were a lot worse than others. But i was taking no more than 3 immodium a day and sometimes just one. Doctors agreed i was doing great.

However... 2 weeks ago i had terrible diarrhoea for the best part of two days and since then i have had no more hard stools. Everything is like my old stoma discharge and often its very diarrhoea-ey. I have episodes where i really need to dash to the loo - sometimes three or four times in a hour. The acid is destroying my bum too.

I am not eating or drinking anything different.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, particularly with the change of consistency in stool? Did it ever come back to formed or formed-ish as its killing me how it is atm.

I feel like i have gone backwards so quickly having had such a good start.

Not being able to enjoy a day out as im not sure if an episode will strike is very sad for me. And yes, i know it's early days. Hoping for some light.

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There’s a good chance that you just picked up a GI virus or food poisoning. It can take us J-pouchers longer to recover from these things. Other possibilities include pouchitis or a more significant GI infection (C. diff, giardia, salmonella, shigella, amebiasis,...). I hope you feel better soon! 

Thanks for the replies. My first thought was an infection but apart from the diarrhoea i feel ok.

And i did a lot of reading about pouchitis. This may seem silly but if i had it would i know i had it? I mean would i feel so bad or be so bad that i would know something is wrong?

I have seen typical symptoms and perhaps i could argue i have one or two but im just not sure. How can anyone diagnose it 100%?

Thanks again



I didn't know that I had pouchitis for approximately 2 years, at least that is what my Dr thinks as I only started seeing him when I went to emerg with a bowel obstruction. I have found some luck in keeping pouchitis away with probiotics, but I often miss my symptoms and end up taking a course of antibiotics, flagyl and Cipro.

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