So this may sound strange (or maybe you all experience it), but since I got the pouch, whenever I would use toilet paper to clean up in our unique way, it would basically pill up or crumble and become tiny pieces which would then stick to me and make me very uncomfortable.  Finally, one day I realized I did not have this problem when I used a public bathroom, and the reason was because of the firm, more like a sheet of paper properties of it.  I figured if I used the cheapest alternative at my local discount store, that would take care of it, and it did.  Until they changed the paper recently.  Does anyone suggest any particular brand to use?

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It might be possible for you to experience little to no burn, and use less toilet paper by using a bidet bottle to rinse first, then gently dab dry with any brand of toilet paper. No wiping required. I started off with a travel bidet bottle from Amazon, loved it so much and it healed my burning skin, I bought an attachment piece for the toilet so that water is "on tap" so to speak!  I love my bidet. Cost around $100 or less. 

I use any toilet paper normally, although I do tend to buy the supermarkets own brand quilted variety.

I find it’s wise to the blot the area first, maybe two of three times before wiping; by pressing a few sheets of paper between the cheeks and allow whatever sits on the skin be absorbed into the paper, then, with new paper, wipe; ideally use a wet wipe.




I was in a Dollar store recently and saw the toilet paper they sell. It looks like a cheaper grade tissue, not too soft; a firm texture. You could probably use it to write a grocery list if you don't have notepaper! But it might be what you're looking for in a firmer tissue. Or, you could ask at the place where the public restroom is, and they might be able to tell you who supplies their facilities.

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