Hope everyone has been able to find enough toilet paper? Looks like we’re in for a long haul!

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Not that I have, but I have thought about it many times, maybe we should all just get bidets... Less waste and probably over all better for everything. Good luck, stay safe and be responsible, everyone needs some thing.

Hubby just got more tp. Also installed a bidet and bought one more for a second bathroom, just in case! Crazy out there!

Bubba1028 posted:

I’m tempted to by one of the industrial rolls that they use at my work, just so I have a backup. 

Lucky you can get your hands on one! 

People are all joking online that we’re overreacting but I’m still going 10 times a day, so it’s not a joke for me. It’s not funny at all. 

I agree, it’s not funny, especially if people are hoarding or making money by selling it for exhorbitant prices!  Unfortunately there’s that certain element of greedy or thoughtless people out there that make it difficult for those in need.

My father-in-law has digestive issues and did use a ton of toilet paper.  We got him a hand-held sprayer and he loves it!  Says he's not using paper anymore!

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