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I am Marie. In 2006 I had surgery to remove my whole colon then went back for them to connect to my jpouch. All due to ulcerative colitus. From about 6 months out I had to be put on antiobiotics. Mostley Cipro which I am still on to this day due to pouchitus. In these years I have had I believe 2 blockages but except for the pouchitus I have been doing just okay. I have been seeing my GI doctor in reference to the chronic pouchitus and a stomach ulcer(no bleed just occasional flares of pain mostley when I have to go on Flagyl.) He suggest I go in last Wednesday (June 27) and have an EDG and a flex sig. I went in to the surgery center and had that done. He said nothing looked real bad just some irritation and the ulcer is in my stomach opening so he said he stretched the stomach some. I had not eaten so on the way home I ate a piece of chicken and a piece of pie. I did not feel well then. Mostley just bloated. I got home expecting to do like I normally do, take a nap and later go to bed. That did not happen. I started hurting in my gut then few hours later started vomiting and I vomited until there was nothing but bile and then I continued to vomit bile. My husband called the GI nurse and she advised to just keep hydrated. I had nausia meds. The next morning was the same way so we called the office again. They called in nausia meds and again hydrate. I kept vomiting all day then late that afternoon I told my husband I could not take anymore. When I stood I could barely stand and was seeing spots. We went to the emergency room in my local town as per my GI's nurses advice. They started me on fluids and admitted me. The next day they did a CT scan. The hospital surgeon came in and told me I needed a foley and a NG tube then he came back to talk to us. The scan showed an enlarged small intestine and stomach, fluid in my abdomine,and fluid around my liver. He suggested I transfer to Dothan where my GI is. He said he would not attempt to touch it due to the jpouch and his lack of knowledge with it. Which I was glad he was honest with me. They transfered me to Dothan. I was in Dothan for 4 days 1 night. Needless to say extremely sick at this point. On Monday things finally started moving and I am back home doing better. My main question is "What the heck happened." My GI doctor only said "He is sorry it happened to me" and "He is not real sure what happened except an obstruction". This is my thoughts. Why did it block and why was the fluid in my abdomine? My doctor in my hometown said probably a tare? I love my GI doctor but I think he dropped the ball a little this time. Please any advise,opinions or anything is so greatly appreciated. Thanks Marie
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From what you describe, this sounds like a small bowel obstruction, not too uncommon with intestinal surgery. It can be from adhesions (internal scarring), which typically can cause kinking of the bowel, and the obstruction you had.

The conservative treatment you had is best, because surgery can lead to more adhesions. Sometimes surgery is required, but it looks like you were lucky. There really is no way to predict if this will recur or not, and it generally has nothing to do with what you did or didn't eat, or what you did or didn't do. Just one of those "stuff happens" sort of things. The fluid could have been caused by the obstruction itself.

I think it is extremely unlikely you had a tear, because if you did, there would be peritonitis, perhaps abscesses, and believe it or not, a much more serious outcome than what you had, and you would not have been going home in a few days.

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thank you so much Jan! Just some insight makes me feel better. I have had a couple other blockages and all the symtems were the same except for the abdominal fluid. The doctor here told me there is only a tiny amout in a womans abdomine and he said their was a lot. Not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill you know just DONT wanna do that again!

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