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I drink, a lot of fluids and at specific times...I have about 1 quart of fluids when I wake up (water, coffee & juice), at least 1 glass of water during meals, 1 between meals and 1-3 mugs of tea in the evening...that gives me about 2-3 quarts/day...I still get dehydated if I don't drink enough water (coffee and tea or alcohol don't count...they dehydrate you as much as they hydrate)...I don't care if I drink during meals because I do so before need to remember that airconditionning dehydrates you as much as heat does so drinking is not just a summer thing...add on all physical activities and you need your fluids.
I don't know if it prevents blockages or not but I don't get too many...and fluids aren't the cause of them in my case.
I figure that you need about 6 months-1 yr to get to know your new plumbing, for it to adapt to you and to make peace with eachother...By then driking will be second nature and you will know if and when you need to drink.
This is another example of there being no one right answer for everyone.

It is more common for j-pouchers to have problems reducing diarrhea, and one strategy is to avoid drinking much fluids with your meals, and hydrate well between meals.

If you have problems with frequent obstructions (not common) and these are food related (even less common), then drinking fluids with meals makes sense. Some people are even restricted to a liquid diet only. But this is rare.

So, I would focus on the typical, not the rare, and deal with things if they occur. You cannot prevent obstructions by drinking. They are more about your gut kinking, not because the food is too dry to pass. Of course, don't swallow your food without chewing!

Jan Smiler

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