Soooo, my surgeon told me to expect to have some mucus discharge after the surgery even though my pouch is completely disconnected now. "Totally normal to pass small bits for sever days after the surgery," he said, "and even occasionally after that."

So I wasn't worried when I did just that. Until I went to the bathroom feeling pressure and passed what felt like a couple of soft golfballs. Curious I (of course!!) looked in the toilet. Was very surprised to see what looked like two small, fried squids floating there.

My first thought: well, that's calamari off of my menu ever again. 


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Haaaa - I can picture it.....  - this is the good life...of the pouchers, ex pouchers, future pouchers, etc.  - ya gotta laugh.  It's so absurd.  I never think about this, but the other day for some reason I thought - I wonder what it's like to take a normal shit.  Have no idea - cannot remember. 

Calamari (unless really good) usually overrated - but that's just me. Hope your toilet or loo enjoyed it!

If your easily grossed out you sure don't belong anywhere on this website.  I had my pouch removed just so I don't have to deal with anything coming out down there... But especially pouch problems.  Nope didn't want it. 

May I ask why they left yours in?  My surgeon actually told me.... We have a good relationship..... So she wasnt being mean or anything... .. She told me she wouldn't do the surgery unless she could remove it.  

That is what took me so long to decide.  But I know it was the right thing to do. 

And yes.... Even with a pouch I never had a true... Ahhhh... Sheet.... I unlike you still have a faint memory of it.  Oh well.  I don't regret anything I've done so far.  


P. S.  What the heck is calamari?  Sounds like squid in the toilet!  Lol. 

I had one of those calamari explosions with in a few weeks after the disconnection of my j-pouch must be normal.  I checked and it was normal per my surgeon's team.

Now not to gross you out but I am having my j-pouch removed.  The normal mucus discharge has turned to almost chocolate milk looking stuff stinks.  My j-pouch is coming out in a month.  Along with the stinky stuff I am having the same abdominal pain as I was before the diversion.  

I was on antibiotics 5 or so times for an UTI after the diversion. I think they were helping with my disconnected j-pouch.  Now that the UTI was finally stopped all the nasty prior j-pouch pain is back.  I can't even blame my adhesions anymore as she took a long time lysing them during the diversion 6 months ago.

Please pay attention to your discharge. If it starts to stink and it is not an output, regular crap smell or stink related to the food you've eaten then you might have a problem... 

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