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Hi All!

I posted about a year ago about my experience developing a small bowel obstruction 7 weeks following my first pregnancy and C section, and Lo and behold, my husband and I decided to go ahead and try again! So here we are, 11 weeks into my second pregnancy!

So far all is well, but I am still nervous about the possibility of going through the same scenario of ileus post-surgery, and later another SBO and possible need for another open laparotomy.

I am hoping to make a plan that might help me prevent complications this go around. Is there anyone out there who might have tips re: how they’ve tried to prevent a post-op ileus with a J pouch? My initial thoughts are:

- Take it slowwww with eating - start with liquids. (I do plan to try and breastfeed, and know I’m going to need to eat something..)

-  Walk! As soon as my legs wake up from my spinal, I plan to force myself to walk as much as I can during the day.

- Try my best to avoid opioid pain meds after surgery. My bowels tend to go to sleep with those pain meds, so I hope to just take Tylenol and ibuprofen if the pain is manageable on that. I’d rather deal with some discomfort than be puking with an ileus!

Any other tips/tricks people have would be so appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hey no one replied to you!? I'm trying to calculate if you are still pregnant lol. I don't think the actual surgery should contribute to a blockage. I know people get ileus from it but I had zero problems and I had terrible problems with my other abdominal surgeries. I think the only way to prevent it, is to be as gentle as possible and not piss of the small intestines. If you do get it, they should use an NG tube until your intestines start working again and then you can slowly add liquids and then solids. I just went through this because of a perforation from a dilation  

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