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I posted about a year ago about my experience developing a small bowel obstruction 7 weeks following my first pregnancy and C section, and Lo and behold, my husband and I decided to go ahead and try again! So here we are, 11 weeks into my second pregnancy!

So far all is well, but I am still nervous about the possibility of going through the same scenario of ileus post-surgery, and later another SBO and possible need for another open laparotomy.

I am hoping to make a plan that might help me prevent complications this go around. Is there anyone out there who might have tips re: how they’ve tried to prevent a post-op ileus with a J pouch? My initial thoughts are:

- Take it slowwww with eating - start with liquids. (I do plan to try and breastfeed, and know I’m going to need to eat something..)

-  Walk! As soon as my legs wake up from my spinal, I plan to force myself to walk as much as I can during the day.

- Try my best to avoid opioid pain meds after surgery. My bowels tend to go to sleep with those pain meds, so I hope to just take Tylenol and ibuprofen if the pain is manageable on that. I’d rather deal with some discomfort than be puking with an ileus!

Any other tips/tricks people have would be so appreciated!

Thank you!

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