I had a pouchoscopy this week, during which my hypertrophied anal papilla was finally removed (some of you might remember I posted about this a few months ago on another thread. Damn thing was a real pain in the you know what and I'm happy to be rid of it.  )

After the scope, it was mentioned to me that the skin around my anus was very excoriated. I suspect a lot of this has been due to the papilla, which had become so large it was protruding, but otherwise I do use a barrier cream after each BM. I rotate Calmoseptine, Sudocreme, and plain old Vaseline.  I also pat dry and avoid rubbing. Any suggestions on what else I can be using to heal the skin and prevent further breakdown? I'm considering a bidet attachment if one can be modified to fit my condo bathroom (it can't be electric as I have no socket nearby and running an extension cord is not feasible due to the small space) but in the meantime any other suggestions such as different products, tips, etc, would be welcome.

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A cold water bidet is many times better than TP or wipes, and costs very little. I’ve been very happy with the BioBidet Elite3, but I admit that I only use it as a backup when my warm water model needs service. I wouldn’t consider using plain TP as a backup unless I had to!

Hi, Spooky.

I have a Neo Bidet from Amazon with hot and cold water. It cost less than $100 and worth every cent, and even less if you get only cold water. But warm water is so comforting! It does not need electricity at all. My bidet hooks up to the same hot and cold water lines that supply my sink. The box has all the connectors, water lines, etc. that you'll need. My plumber did it, but there are tutorials on the internet if you are handy at that sort of thing. If your water lines are concealed inside a vanity cabinet, you might need to drill a small hole to run the water lines through. It was the best purchase and I can't do without it. When travelling I use my travel bidet squeeze bottle. At home, the bidet's hot water (mixed with some cold, so don't burn yourself) will clean and heal your skin by encouraging blood circulation to that small area. It's like a mini sitz bath every time. Ever since I bought it, I have never again had fissures, hemmies, or any other injury there.

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