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I had a temporary ileostomy for three months up until my reversal in late February 2017.  Even though I have a J Pouch, I wanted to share with you some tips that I found very helpful and life changing (at least for those three months).  
Much to my frustration, I had constant leakages and skin damage.  I was changing the bag almost every day.  The stoma nurse at the Cleveland Clinic did a poor job of instructing my boyfriend and me on how to change the bag.  I even hired a private nurse at home to help and he did not know what he was doing (the company lied or exaggerated and claimed stoma care was one of his skills).  After much research, I found a system that let me wear the bag for a minimum of a week and without any leakage! 

First, let me disclose that my stomach is practically washboard flat minus a pooch on the right side from being cut open (laparotomy).  I read there are different adhesive methods and such depending on whether your belly is concave, etc.  So what works for me might not exactly work for you, keep in mind you may have to adjust or tweak a few things to get the perfect fit.

I tried a variety of bags and have found the brand and style that worked best for me are the Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Drainable Convex Light EasiClose Wide Outlet.  I chose to get them precut and in opaque. I love how it's not fussy like the bags that come with a clip.  It made no sense to me to use a clip when I could seal it with velcro!

I found the best seal to use was http://www.hollister.com/en/pr.../Adapt-Barrier-Rings  I prefer these over the precut seals and found them to be most effective against leaks.  I simply stretched them out to fit around the stoma.  I always placed them around the stoma before attaching the bag versus attaching them directly to the bag.  

Most importantly, however, was the use of these - 
The Sure Seal Ring.
These have made a world of difference!  It feels like second skin and sticks so well you almost can't take the difference between the seal and your own skin. Read some of the reviews on Amazon and you get the idea.  

The combination of these products have been a total game changer.  I hope this helps you in some way should you be frustrated by the constant leaks, etc!


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I use a precut wafer also. I found out after using your own cut and precut that precut has less problems. I can't cut a circle worth  a nickel. Lol. You can order some to your size precut. Some places will precut for you.. Or you can buy a cutter that cuts to your size and do it yourself. No scissors.  

Unfortunately I have to cut my wafer as my ileo shape is more oval. I just started putting the ring on my skin vs putting it on the appliance and then applying the wafer ring and all. This has really helped my skin under the wafer plus I've been getting longer wear time. One week is a great accomplishment in wear time! Thanks for your post and links Cailfornication.

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