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First, I have no idea how to spell tingly or if it is even a real word.

Now the meat and potatoes...

I am about 5 months post takedown (step 2 of 2) and I have to say that I feel like I am getting my life back. I still go fairly frequently during the evening and a few times at night but I think that things are getting predictable. I spent all day Sunday setting in the sun at an air show and I used the bathroom once I think.

My problem is that recently I have been experiencing my hands and feet feeling tingly and occassionally I feel kind of dizzy. I am not sure if that is from dehydration (I have been working outside a LOT more since it has warmed up) or possibly because I am on week 3 of a 4 week course of Cipro/Flagyl. I have taken the Cipro/Flagyl before a few times with no side effects but only for 2 weeks at a time so I don't know if the longer course could be causing this.

I am guessing that it is a combination of dehydration along with normal body changes but I wanted to get someone else's opinion before I call an ambulance (just kidding).

Thanks again
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OK thanks! I will give him a call in the morning and see if that may be the culprit.

He probably did tell me to call him and I am sure that it is written on the side effects paper that came with the medication but there are a million side effects listed on every medication so I figured that I was out of the woods if I took it for a week or two and had not dropped dead.
I have hypotension (low blood pressure) and I get tingly hands and feet sometimes too. My husband gets it too, but for a completely different reason - he has what is called a chiari malformation (brain/spine condition) and that is what causes it for him.
So I guess what I am saying is that there could be a lot of reasons for the tingling. I DO agree with the others though, I bet it is the flagyl. Still though, get it checked out! Ya never know ...
Hope you feel better soon Smiler
Honestly I have not felt this good in a long, long time aside from the tingly sensation. I have stopped taking the Flagyl and am waiting on a call back from the doc.

I am not 100% sure it is the Flagyl though because this is the third or fourth prescription that I have had for it and I have not noticed the tingly feeling before.

I am suspecting that it may be a circulation issue possibly. I have noticed that if I set down for a while and go to stand up I get light headed sometimes. My wife frequently complains of my cold hands. I just tell her to pretend that I am Edward from that stupid vampire movie.

Thanks again for the help.
Neuropathy from Flagyl will not necessarily manifest the very first time you take it. Higher doses, longer doses, or simply taking it at any point can produce neuropathy. So don't be misled thinking you didn't have this happen before so it's not the Flagyl. You need to stop taking it and see if it goes away (hope that it goes away).
What do you drink to keep hydrated? If you're drinking just water you could add an electrolyte replacement product to see if that helps. You could have more than one thing going on - neuropathy from Flagyl (or Cipro) and dehydration. I wouldn't think Flagyl would cause light-headedness but dehydration would. The tingling shouldn't be taken lightly because it can be permanent. If you don't hear back soon from your doctor, give him another call. Cipro can also cause peripheral neuropathy.

kathy Wink
Yes, I concur with the suggestions here. You need to mention this to the doctor and to have flagyl side effects ruled out. However, you also need to have a full blood work-up to have iron, potassium and B12 levels checked. But make sure your magnesium levels are also checked. Tingling can be caused by low magnesium as well, and magnesium deficiency is quite common with UC or in fact any prolonged diarrhea.

You should also ask your doctor to check your thyroid levels.
Still waiting to hear back from the doc. He usually calls back around 5 or 6 o'clock.

Last month I went to my family doctor and he did a complete blood and urine work up. He said that my vitamin d and b12 was low but he said that they were not off the charts completely. He said to start taking some vitamins, which I have been. My next appointment with him is in about three weeks and I will let him know and probably get more blood work.

I have been drinking water, gatorade, vitamin water and some grape juice daily. Mostly gatorade with meals and water when I feel thirsty. I have not been keeping track of how much but I am urinating a few times a day and it appears to be a normal color.

My blood pressure for the most part has been normal. When I was in the hospital for my surgeries they told me that it went pretty low but I attributed that to just laying in the bed most of the day but whenever I have had a check up or anything else it has always been normal.

The tingly sensation seems to get more pronounced as the day goes on. When I wake up in the morning I hardly notice it but towards the evening I can definetely tell that it is there. That is why I have a theory that it is circulation related. I am guessing that it is harder for the blood to flow up my arms and legs and to my head when I am upright vs laying down but I might be completely wrong, and probably am.

Are there any antibiotics that don't cause problems? I thought that I had it figured out with the Cipro/Flagyl combo and have been feelings really good while on those. My plan was to finish up this course, wait a week or so to see if my pouchitis returned, and if it did start back on the Cipro/Flagyl routine.

I am really not looking forward to chasing down more symptoms. I was beginning to think that I might have a handle on this. I still feel that way but I am slightly discouraged because of the new symptoms.

Did I mention that I dislike hospitals and doctors offices?
It's not good to be on any antibiotic long term for a variety of reasons. You're aware of flagyl's dark side, cipro can eventually cause tendon issues. For all of them you can and will build up an immunity if you take the same one long term and they can cause issues in the rest of your body. For example you can get yeast infections in your skin because the bacteria there dies as well.

HOWEVER, don't freak out. You can be on long term antibiotic therapy successfully by rotating through antibiotics. Cipro to flagyl to xifaxin to augmentin is a popular rotation, although if your current symptoms are tied back to flagyl that'll be off your radar for awhile, and potentially forever.

You can also try probiotics after a course of antibiotics to help grow a good environment of bacteria in your pouch. The good keeps the bad from taking foot. VSL and Algin are two popular probiotics.

Hang in there, you can figure it out.
The doc called back and said that it could possibly be the flagyl or maybe even the Cipro or the combination. He advised to stop taking them, which I did a couple of days ago already, and to start taking a few more Lomotil if things start picking up. I had only been taking one a day in the morning.

I asked if this meant that all antibiotics were "off my radar" and he said that other ones are available if need be. I'm hoping that I can dial it in with the Lomotil though.

As of this morning the tingling does not seem as pronounced but I can still tell that it is there when I wiggle my toes or make a fist. It feels kinda like I have my shoes tied too tight (Hello Mr. Obvious) but I get the same sensation when I wear flip flops.

Anyway, thanks again for the responses

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