Help. I have been on this med for 16 years. When my original doc retired, my PC took this prescription over. Now he is retiring and I asked my GI doc, who I have used for about a year, if she would take the prescription over. I did this through their portal. I get this message back that says “Recommend you find a new doctor.” Wow. I was not sure if I was being dumped or just being told that she would not prescribe that and, if I wanted it, to find a new doc. I sent back and asked if she knew of any alternative meds and/or a doc. Kinda panicked right now. 

Does anyone use a doc in the greater Seattle area that prescribes tincture of opium? Does anyone who has been cut off from this have an idea for alternatives? I had to quit using Imodium as it sucked all the moisture out of my body and  constipated me horribly.

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I’ve always gotten better results from Lomotil than Imodium - perhaps it would be adequate for you, if you can find the right dose.

That’s an astonishing and unconstructive response from your GI. Had they expressed any concern previously about your use of DTO?

They had never mentioned any discomfort with the med. I did once ask her if the whole opioid crisis and the new ruleswould interfere with the opium and she just said it was under different guidelines. From that I assumed she would prescribe it if asked, but my PCP was already doing it so I didn't pursue it. 

When I go in for an appointment, I really like everyone. Through the portal, I have found responses to be abrupt. I just do not know what to think but am searching for a new gastroenterologist. 

I reviewed the message sent by my docs office and it wasn't AS blunt as I remembered. I think I just panicked. Still am nervous. I did ask why and asked if there are alternatives. They replied that long term usage led to "negative outcomes" and that if I were passing stool over 8X a day without Opium, then there might be an underlying issue going on. I decided to run with that and set up the 1st appointment I could get - in early June - to hear her out. I do plan to try to find out if she thinks the "negative" outcomes are physical or mental or both. I also plan on checking out a few other gastroenterologists just in case.

I read on here that Cleveland Clinic docs prescribe Opium. It just all makes me wonder.

Time will tell. Until then, I am thankful I just filled my prescription.

It really would be better to treat the source of the problem than the symptoms, if that turns out to be possible. Good luck!

I am sorry to hear the doctor respond that way.  I see a top GI doctor in NYC and he treats me with Tincture of Opium with great success.  I would find another doctor who communicates better.

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