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Not for pain. I don't no if it helps any pain. It deos not give you any high or strength like hydrcodone or other pain killers. It just slows down the bm,s and it really works. But one bad side of it is that it taste like the most bitter crap in the world. I had dinner last night and a few minutes after went the can and had watery stool. I took a ml extra and after i went to bed I unbelievable had no bm till 7 am. I promise all this talk about tincture of opium saying its a pure drug blaw blaw blaw it just taste gross help the diarrhea very much and thats it. There is no high no dizzy no drowseyness nothing no sort of narcotic. I know it is a big time narcotic but i don't see any reason why. Its only for diarrhea and nothing else. It works great. I used to take norco to slow my bm's and for back because my lower back bothers me very much but i haven't had pain since i started this 3 days ago. Its very good medicine . You don't get the numbness in your body like when you take a norco. Its perfect for diarrhea. Everyone with a j pouch that has diarrhea this is the key to a different life alot less miserable .
It sounds like it is really doing what it's for! Other people that do not know how we feel can be quick to judge. I take Norco and have never been high, it just takes away a lot of the pain. I'm not taking it to slow my stool but it has to be as I've been taking it daily for over 2 years. A MD friend of mine said not to worry about taking it and addiction. If I start needing more to do the job that's when I need to discuss it in depth with my doctor.

I don't know what the big deal is with xanex either. I don't get high, I just feel less anxiety.

I quit trying to explain this to people who insist in telling me what I should or should not be doing. Life is too short to be around them.
The war on drugs has demonized some rather useful chemicals, so people sometimes confuse these meds with a moral issue of some sort. That being said, they shouldn't be used carelessly. The potential for addiction is quite real, though it affects different people very differently. Even the addiction is just a nuisance for most people (they feel crappy for a while when withdrawing), but for some it can cause bigger problems.
stone.. you might also want to reduce how much you are taking and then gradually build it up so your body acclimates. When I took it, I didn't notice anything like fatigue or really any side effects. But I was only taking like .3ml at a time I think, basically a few drops. And I never had any "withdrawal" problems at all when I quit taking it.

And yes, doesn't it just taste delicious? It has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. But after awhile you won't even notice the taste.

The stuff worked like a champ for me when I had a clinically classified "high output" ileostomy. It truly was a lifesaver.
good luck.
I took Tincture of Opium for 16 years and I never built a tolerance for it and it was my savior when I needed to NOT use a bathroom when I was out and about. I took between 8 - 12 drops twice a day. It does taste nasty but a small price to pay for what it does. I would just put the drops in a small amount of water, take a sip, make a face, and voila. It is so expensive and I was lucky enough that my insurance paid for it. I would prepare a small bottle with my 8 or 9 drops with a bit of water and keep it in my purse. When I was out for long periods of time, I had a dose in my purse and was good to go when I needed it. Some drs are very hesitant to prescribe this and it might be because they are afraid of abuse, I don't know.
Jeff mine was covered by insurance. It is a controlled substance so you need the paper prescription to get it filled. I never found a pharmacy that stocked it, but they ordered it and i always got it in a few days.

And exactly donna, i would put my few drops in a syringe (i never mixed it with water), hold my breath, squirt it in my mouth, MAKE A FACE, SCREAm YUCK, And voila!

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