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Hi! Yes I am currently taking it. Mine is called Paregoric. It says opium tincture 2% as well on the bottle. How much are you taking? I'm up to about 6 x day 10mls-2 teaspoons. And oh gosh the taste. I have to hold my nose every time and then not breathe swallow some water and then breathe. It has works in slowing things down and bulking up. I have severe skin breakdown in anal area due to some we are trying to decrease bm's and am getting a bidet that I hope will help decrease wiping and irritation. I am in pain constantly am on no pain meds and have no quality of life right now. I've been contemplating going back to a perm ileo. But I don't want to give up yet, it's only been six months since takedown. To address the addicted comment,I had about paregoric through someone who has been taking it for over 22 years and now only takes it once a day and holds him over all day. I don't feel any effects from it,not sure what exactly is getting addicted,the intestines yes,because of the morphine but I don't think it will have an addicting affect on you.whats your story? How old are you? What's your diet? I had rectal cancer and FAP. Total colectomy with rectum removed temp ileo and now jpouch.
I am taking 5ml once a day It was twice a day but seems to work ok with once. I had UC and had colon removal 1 1/2 years ago and 2nd stage last December and 3rd stage in March. 25 BM till I started morphine Now seems to slow everything down to manageable Problem is I am 71 years old and its been tough. Did you understand that you stay on indefinite. My diet was poor and I paid the price. I know better what to avoid. I now take only Imodium and probiotic. Stopped everything else?
I used paregoric for several years. I found that over time I needed less of it to achieve the same thickening effect. Eventually I became very averse to using it b/c of the horrible taste, and when I had T3 after a root canal, I saw my GI shortly after and told her what a dream it was. Didn't need the paregoric-the T3 had the same effect. Since then, I switched from paregoric to 30mg codeine sulphate about 2-3x/day. It is a bigger hassle b/c of having to get a hard copy script every month (whereas could get 6 months of refills on paregoric), but much easier to carry around with me, take in public, and just pop with the rest of my other pills.

After the first few weeks on paregoric, I didn't notice any sedating effects, and on 30mg of codeine a couple times a day, I don't either.

Both paregoric and codeine are covered by my insurance.
I had my 3 Stage done at VA. Checked for many problems but none Still high BMs of 20 plus Used Lopermide and others but no luck Had incisional hernia repair from private surgeon who RX morhine sulphate. It has reduced to 12 a day but diarrhea is little and no anal pain. Problem I have is VA reluctant to prescribe morphine out of ignorance. I argue needed for at least 1st year but they say notacceptable treatment except for dying. Can anyone tell me how I can get imfo to persuade. Thanks
Morphine would be an unusual choice for intractable diarrhea, and unusual choices make people nervous with narcotics, since the DEA is a nasty and merciless watchdog. The most "standard" opiate treatment for diarrhea that can't be controlled by Lomotil and symptom control measures (e.g. Metamucil to bulk and thicken the stool), as well as proper diagnosis and treatment of the cause, (such as pouchitis), is DTO (deodorized tincture of opium). It can be hard to find a doctor knowledgable enough to prescribe it, or a pharmacy brave enough to dispense it. It tastes awful. Paregoric is the same stuff in a much lower concentration.

I don't think you'd ever get a pain management doc to prescribe these, since they aren't particularly good for pain management. A good gastroenterologist *might* be cooperative, assuming you're willing to cooperate in exploring alternatives that might be better. Opium is kind of a last resort.

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