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Hey all, just wondering what time of day you take your probiotics (if you take any at all, that is.) I have been taking PB8 capsules, usually in the morning after breakfast, but I feel like they might just get "lost" in all the food in me, and perhaps I should be taking them before bed so that they have room to do their stuff. Maybe this thinking is totally unfounded; what do you all say?
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My probiotics say to take them before breakfast on an empty stomach and wait 20mins before eating...since I do not eat breakfast I take them with my juice (counter productive???)...some probiotics can be taken with meals, depending on the formulation and some Must be taken with food because they are coated and need the time to desolve especially for us the label and if there is no help there then do a couple of test runs to see firstly if they 'slip out' undigested or not.
Hope this helps
Thanks for the replies. I think that I'll take them tonight before bed and see if there's any difference.
Also, what do you all think of time-release capsules? I had another brand of probiotics, but they were time-release so I exchanged them for the one I have now. I mentioned this to someone I work with (small Health Food store), and they said that time-release just means it doesn't release in the stomach, but the small intestine, and that I should be fine taking them. I don't know about this, seems like I've heard a lot of colon-less people on here and elsewhere say how we should avoid time-release pills.
I just started taking a probiotic for the first time. I did a bunch of research about them before I picked one. I'm taking progressive's HCP70, just started yesterday. It's just a gel cap, with all the probiotic powder within it. They say to take it with food at breakfast and dinner, so the stomach ph is optimal. I like the gel cap idea as well, since it'll open up in the small intestine and keep all the probiotic's away from the stomach acid.

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