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Im Generally healthy, have a Jpouch that behaves and a normal healthy diet (i eat everything).


Feeling a little rundown lately so I decided to get my bloods tested using a private blood screening company (thriva.co).  Pretty much all my results came back text book (not bad for a 44yo), but there were 3 results out of norm


Firstly my Omega 3 / 6 ratio was about 1:20 and my CRP (Inflammation marker) was high.. Not concerning, but elevated.   I researched and found that too much omega 6 is bad for inflammation, so took steps to address the balance.  My ratio is currently 1/6 which is much better and my CRP inflammation marker is back in optimal range.


More concerning is my liver function (GammaGT) was elevated, although all other liver enzyme tests were fine, so i ingored it as a 'blip'.  A 2nd Thriva test was done 3 months later and Gamma GT had risen again, still all other liver function tests are fine.  I went to my GP with my concerns, who took my bloods and said everything was fine and i shouldnt put too much faith in these private companies.


Ive just done a 3rd test with thriva and again everything is fine but my Gamma GT is even higher still.  Thriva says this idicates liver is working hard, possibly due to drugs or alcohol intake.  Im on 2 x loperopmide daily and drink minimally (certainly less than 10 units a week).


ive seen another link on here https://www.j-pouch.org/topic/poor-liver-function which suggests there is a link between liver function and bowel issues, but its not something ive heard of.   Anyone got any experience or thoughts here please?


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Well if you are otherwise well I would not go too crazy with worry.  You can try stopping alcohol.  

I had an experience where my alkaline phosphatase level was abnormal (like 5x max normal) and ended up with a lot of expensive useless testing.  The labs kept saying the bone level was causing it.  As it turns out they use bone = all other.  I had a fraction that did not respond to most lab tests (not liver, gi , or bone).  Finally one lab sent a report with liver, gi, bone and unknown.  The high reading was unknown.  As it turns out (and this took me months to figure out) you can get these unusual alkaline phosphatase  macromolecules that cause this result.  I forget now, but something due to binding with gamma globulin (maybe).  No known health problems result.  It happens to people with (you guessed it!) ulcerative colitis. 

Anyway,  after a long hospitalization for colitis when I was npo for a week and received tons of IV fluid it went away.   I've never looked again.  

So maybe you have something similar going on. 

Cheers for you thought Girlunky.  That is kinda re-assuring, however my liver enzymes are all fine, its literally just the Gamma GT and that seems to be on a upward curve over the last 12 months.....except of course when the Doc tested it and it was 'normal'.  Im tempted to get a third opinion to see who is correct, the 3 tests from thriva or the NHS.

If thriva are misreporting then i want to stop wasting my money on them (they test every 3 months), if thriva are correct i want to get back in with the docs to determine whats going on....

Because of the way normal/abnormal thresholds for lab tests are set they are generally terrible screening tests. Doing the test without a specific reason will more often steer you wrong than right, and do more harm than good. There is tremendous *normal* variation for many of these tests, and so-called abnormal values frequently are not an indication of disease. Even when there is a problem it can be time consuming and dangerous to run it down before it becomes clear enough to offer some decent clues, and there’s often little or no benefit to getting the diagnosis earlier. 

Cheers Scott, guess that makes sense, it's just that as there is an upward trend the urge is to get on top of it quick.   I had my colon removed due to dysplasia in the hepatic flexure, also many moons ago I got some bloods back from a doc that showed a spike in liver levels and they ultrasound my liver and found nothing..  on retest it  it was fine, now blood tests are coming back hot..... Well I'm seeing a pattern...

I have no reason to doubt my liver, but generic health tests keep pointing back to my liver and I would love to understand why.  I guess I may just have to track my levels and flag if I see any serious changes

Liver health concerns.  Unfortunately, having an autoimmune disease such as ulcerative colitis is linked to various liver diseases and malignancies, the absence of a colon not withstanding.  An indicator of possible problems is in the liver enzyme  readings.  These are obtained through a liver function test or complete metabolic panel blood test.  Of interest are AST, ALT and ALP.  Bile duct problems may be indicated.

Diagnosis is generally accomplished by MRCP and ERCP procedures of which I have now had both.  Do not ignore high numbers associated with these enzymes.  Follow them up with a  competent GI facility.  We should all be aware of  possible cholangiopancreatic problems after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.



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