i just recently had the second step of my three step  journey completed, but due to complications and a lack of more internet documentation on three steps I am feeling very worried and uneasy.

I ended up having to be rehospitalized due to an ileus and had emergency surgery on the stoma. This was about a month ago. I was losing my mind being hospitalized so long.

The surgeon says everything is working well but what I have to deal with at home concerns me. I was having these awful pressure pains that would make me want to scream. They happened no matter what I ate and made my belly look like an alien was going to burst out of it, only blimping on one side. Along with that, my stoma just seems to be emptying very slowly, like 12 hours after I ate something.

Another concern is urgency in the unconnected j pouch. I keep getting up to void a pitiable amount of mucous and a little blood 15-20 times a day. It is driving me mad; it constantly feels like I need to go and my anus aches.


Miserable and scared.

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They are pretty normal symptoms , I wouldn't bother too much about the mucous and blood for the initial month. After that it will just be mucous/ yellow residual stool. J pouch is partially connected to the intestine so whatever you'll eat some fluid will pass through causing you to go and its the glands which were around the colon which used to produce mucous that still keep producing it that causes mucous formation post op. Also you need to remember that entire colon has been pulled out of you by cutting it so pain on the insides is normal too. It will all decrease with time and once jpouch is connected and it stablizes the mucous and other issues will go away too.

For the mucous part I too used to fret alot with it but after a month, one day I held back for as long as I could and it reduced drastically. The more you go to release it , the more it keeps on building. That was how it went for me.

Hi stitched together,

It is a long road, but it does get better! The mucous and blood to defacate  is normal and the urgency should improve over time. If not Id ask your surgeon to make sure there is no residual UC in the cuff (did you have your surgery for Colitis?)

Are you connected at all? For my stage 2 my pouch/anus were completely separate from the small bowel--you are "disconnected" to let it heal, so nothing should pass through (but this was 20 years ago so maybe things have changed.....). Taking 12 hours for food togo through sounds suspicious though, is it like nothing for 12 hours and then it comes? Your bowels may be "waking up" but it is a long time. I think within c. 1-2 weeks of surgery my stoma produced things pretty regularly--maybe every 2-4 hours or so.

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