Just wondering if anyone here has experienced pinworms/threadworms with a j pouch. 

We discovered our 6 year old has them at bedtime on thursday night. I went straight to the chemist and bought a family pack of ovex as recommended. I read the leaflet first and only contraindications was that I couldn't take metronidazole, we all had a dose as whole family is supposed to be treated. I dont know if I was imagining it but I started to feel symptoms. Then yesterday I was having on and off stomach cramps and occasional nausea until bedtime. I've sent hubby for another pack of the tablets today ready for the next dose in 2 weeks and asked him to mention whether I should be doing anything different having had a colectomy and theyve told him I shouldn't take the ovex and that's probably caused the cramps. Do I just suck it up and take the 2nd dose in a few days. I dont even know if I definitely have worms (I've not seen anything) 

I've also had diarrhea since yesterday too, 

I cant find anything online about threadworms and IBD other than people being misdiagnosed with crohn's  or saying worm eggs used to treat IBD. 

I've read some real horror stories online about people having them for years and once you have them you never get rid. Also a lot of people saying to cut out carbs/starch and eat only fruit for at least a week. Obviously this isnt much of an option for me. 

Any advice 

Thank you. 

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My son has had pinworms 3 times in a year.  We treated the whole family with both doses and did the proper house cleaning measures (ugh the constant laundry!!) .  He hasn't had symptoms in about a year now.  There was no evidence any of the rest of us had it.  But I learned that at any point in time like 40% of all kids have it and don't even know it.  They just think they have an itchy butt.  Great way to spread the eggs all over the place.  So honestly, I don't even worry about it anymore, but I'm happy to hear that my son hasn't had the butt tickle in a long time!  

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