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I was diagnosed on a whim in 2014. Prior to that I was in (what i thought to be) perfect health. My kids were 7, 9 and 10. My fiance and I were 3 months from our wedding. Everything went downhill from that date. EVERYTHING.

When a person says they could write a book about their life, it's often laughed off. I'm not kidding when I say this. The things I've gone through, health and non health related - they don't seem real.  I feel as if I'm an actress playing a part and I'm desperately waiting for the director to yell cut.

I think the worst part is everything my kids have had to go through as a result. That brings me to the reason for my post. Do you think that our medical trauma desensitizes our closest loved ones? I had a seizure on Thanksgiving 2017- on front of all of my family. The first seizure of only 2  I've ever had. My husband said it was the scariest moment of his life. My kids now joke about it.  Is it a trauma response? He seems more offended by their coping about it than me. I guess it's because I can't remember the event. I WAS the event.

What are anyone's thoughts? Does anyone else have these types of issues in their family, as they too have chronic illneses?

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My kids (now young adults) seem to be very desensitized. I have had so many ER visits and hospitalizations over the years since they were young children, that they don't seem to have any reaction or worry whenever a medical incident happens to me.  It is a bit insulting but I tell myself it is "normal" to them or maybe a kind of emotional defense that they developed over the years.

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