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Andrina posted:

I'm anxious about my new j-pouch and packing the wound.

After my takedown, my Surgeon said the wound (old stoma site) mustn't be packed (he was insistent on this)  but cleansed daily and covered with a dressing; so to prevent the risk of infection and allow the wound to heal from the inside.

 A District Nurse provided my wound care once I was back at home.

I suggest you enquire with your Surgeon in regard to wound care at home, as an infection could seriously jeopardise your recovery and cause further complications, especially, as there'll be no one medically trained to monitor your recovery; I at least had the Nurse visiting and dressing my wound daily during the first week.

Although I was relatively mobile, I wouldn't have been able to cleanse and dress the wound myself; also, I much prefer someone who knows what they are doing and knows what signs and symptoms to look out for.

Your Insurance appears to be jeopardising the whole procedure and risking your life for the sake of the cost of a home visit Nurse; so much for Medical Insurance.

This mustn't be taken lightly, after all, prevention is better than cure.

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I did not have a home nurse for my last surgery.  My surgeon used steri strips to close the site and pads to cover it.  I replaced the surgical pads daily and had a bandaid over it.   I just had my follow up visits with my surgeon.  Of course, if I had any issues I would call the office.  It healed well.  No problems at all.

I did not have a wound care nurse after takedown.  My surgeon instructed me to remove the dressing and shower 2x a day , not touching the wound, but letting water rinse over it, then putting on a clean band-aid.  The wound was not 'closed'  or packed to prevent infection, but it healed well.  There was one spot that kept bleeding, but the doc just cauterized it in a second with a  silver nitrate stick.   The scar is less than I expected.  

Andrina, you will do fine. I did not have home health care after my last surgery either. I took care of it on my own. It heeled nicely. It was not packed. Don't stress much about what could happen. Odds are it probably won't. Good luck with your up and coming take down. Have good thoughts, and all will be fine.


Andrina, remember when you first got your stoma? I remember I didn't think I'd ever be able to take care of it properly. In about a week, I was changing my bags with little help. In no time I was doing it totally alone and with confidence. Everything has a learning curve. You can do it. Look how far you've come. The only thing stopping you, is you. Good luck. I know you will be fine.


Yes, you will do fine.  To be honest, at the time I was getting ready for my final surgery, I was more concerned then with my previous two.  It’s normal.  Now, it’s just a distant memory.  I have been hiking over the last week and can last at least five hours without any issues.  Of course, I take 2 Lomotil just before and make sure I empty my pouch.  More likely is the need to pee on these hikes.  I think I remember doing the same with the shower, but only once a day.  For me, it will be three years in August and I will be 65 in October.  Good luck with your final surgery and keep us updated.



Andrina, you're going to just fine with this third surgery.  Yes, it will take a while for your pouch to feel like normal. You will go through a time of adjustment where you think you are living in the bathroom, but it will get better.  Make sure you begin eating thickening foods to help with the adjustment like potatoes, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. (You may also want to start taking psyllium husks to add fiber and slow down the pouch.)

I didn't have wound care after any of my three surgeries.  My surgeon just stitched it up and covered with paper strip tapes that fell off on their own.  I did have a drain tube in after the second surgery that was pulled a week later. 

The unknown is scarier than the actual procedure.  Take a deep breath, you got this!

Praying this all goes well for you


Drinking it slowly seems to make it better. Tomorrow around this time I'll be in my room already and be done with all the surgeries. I appreciate all your guy's support and advice. It has been most helpful and helped me stay sane through this process. I'm happy to share my experience as well so I can help others. Thank you again. 

Hi everything went well. I'm still on pain meds. I already pooped. They showed me how to do my ostomy wound. I'm sore. I still have no feeling down there. I just go when I pee. I relax and it comes out. Different. I was able to sleep however the nurses woke me at night and they wanted me to sit up. I suddenly couldn't sit up there was a pain I never felt before. I figured I go use the restroom and release everything and it did the trick and the pain went away. I guess my pelvic muscle needs to get used to everything. 

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Second night home and I've been able to sleep through. Last night I didn't even need the restroom. I still have zero feeling there. I feel when I have to pee and I kinda rely on that as an indicator for now when I go poop. Emptying is definitely different as I have to replax my muscles instead of strain them. I'm also experimenting with my beloved squatty potty that I got a few years back. Not sure how it works best yet. I will actually put on real underwear as I'm confident I won't have an accident  

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