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So, Im sure I'm not the only one who gets the dreaded intestinal sounds (like your passing gas inside or like a grumbling noise). Is it just me or does it seem to come at the most inappropriate times lol... I could tell easily 10 stories in my short time of having the j pouch; church, business meetings, romantic candle light dinners, etc... Its like the pouch knows its not the appropriate time, so its like Hmmmm... TIME TO MAKE MY PRESENCE FELT! Lol I tend to notice more if I go extended periods of time without eating.. so my question is, what causes these noises... Is it gas? I know I tend to try and hold it in until I can reach a bathroom because I'm not confident enough to try passing gas while standing or sitting but have had success laying down. So anyways, just curious... Thanks for listening to my rambling :-)
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I'm a teacher who gives conferences in front of large crowds...apparently what I have to say causes people to keep very quite (or maybe they just all fall asleep!) but suddenly there is a noise like a squeeky door or an escaping fart (I can't fart...k pouch) and you just know that everyone heard it!
That is when I make the chalk squeek on the blackboard or hit the music on the computer...or start a thundering round of applause!
Then again, I have heard students 'let'er rip' from the back of the auditorium...everyone giggles but no one dies from it....
It is just part of life
I actually don't mind the sounds-find them kind of funny! I have always (w/ and w/out my colon) had super LOUD stomach growls when I'm hungry so may be I'm just used to odd noises coming from my gut. I actually am more embarrassed by my empty stomach noises than my pouch noises. May be I'm more comfortable about it because it's been almost 4 years since take-down & I LOVE my pouch-don't care what noises it makes as long as it continues to work so well-plus anyone who's opinion matters to me, knows I have new plumbing so it doesn't matter to me when it happens around them. If it does happen around strangers and I feel embarrassed by how loud it is or I think it sounds like I'm passing gas, I'll make a joke out of it & say something like, Sorry...that's my stomach. It makes weird noises!" or "Sorry about the noise, I'm starving!". I always blame my stomach because it's believable and I don't feel the need to explain my plumbing to strangers. It works to make a joke out of it. It's just a noise. Don't sweat it. Btw, I don't know what causes it but I seem to feel that Jpouchers have extra room in there so more area for noise to bounce off of-like an echo but who knows!!

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