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Yep, seems every Saturday for a month my k pouch valve decides to somehow act up. Today, I foolishly decided to go to the CNE (an annual city fair), so, naturally, when I went to the loo, my valve refused to open no matter how hard I tried. I had to leave the family there, drive home, and try like hell to drain my pouch. FINALLY, after a half hour in a hot shower, and a bottle of KY, I managed to drain it before my pouch ruptured! So, now I'm back to the constant drain, after such a struggle I don't want to risk removing the catheter and not being able to put it back in. Two weeks ago I had a blockge at the valve, and found a new definition for pain, don't ever want it again! That, and my stoma bled a lot. My question is, why does this only happen on Saturday?? Hey, at least Dr Cohen is finally back from his month long holiday, now I'm guaranteed to stay healthy! (it never fails, I only get sick when my doctors are on vacation!). Oh well, I see him in a week, and pray I don't need any more surgery. My valve has been damaged, but I'm still hoping it will heal with surgery, fingers crossed!

Eric Eeker
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I was having a weekend hell for a few months with my valve. My valve is now on an angle but not enough so to have surgery. They move around. I boil my catheters and then when they are super flexible I insert them, they harden a bit after in there and form their path. So now it goes in a bit better. If it is kinked then you might just have to be taught how to work with the anatomy that way. Most surgeons will not do surgery unless you really need it. If you are gassy that can also have them off a bit. Sometimes if I run then try after blood and gas is moving around it's fine. Stressing on the pot over it will make it worse and cause you to bleed since you are forcing it. It is going to bleed so that isn't to be too alarmed.
So what do you differently every Saturday that you have a different result every Saturday night? Do you eat differently? Have different physical activities? Drink differenly? More or less or different fluids? Do you have specific food days of the week like Monday it is pasta? In which case what is the Saturday meal plan???
I do not obviously believe that you pouch is going on strike every Sat. Night so that it can be taken out dancing so it has to be something physical (fluid intake????)...keep a food, beverage, activity diary and map it!
Hugs and stop CanCan dancing down the streets of Toronto on Saturday nights and maybe that will help Big Grin...those high kicks are murder on new, baby pouches!!!!
Awe, come on, I look so good in my hooker red 6 inch platform stelletoes! (no lying, I actually have two pains, one red, one black, but for Halloween only, those heels are a bitch to walk in! Lol!) as for Saturdays, I think I figured it out. During the week I thrive on routine, eating and intibating at the same time every day, but on the weekends I throw that pattern off. I think I go too long In between intibations, causing the pressure to build up, making it damned near impossible to get my valve to open. I'm going to make more of an effort to empty every three hours or so, if I need to or not, I think it may help, stay tuned ladies, and thanks for you help, you guys are the best!

Cheers (and hugs!)
Eric Big Grin

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