Finally read this, too funny! So glad I am out of the dating scene. But, my dear hubby has seen it all, since we were dating when I was first diagnosed at age 15.

With a houseful of UCers, our biggest joke is about using the "I have to go NOW" card from CCFA. If I tried to show that to someone to get to the front of the line, they'd probably think I made it up and printed my own card!

But, I did get out of a speeding ticket about 6 months ago by telling the policeman that I was speeding because I needed to use the bathroom. He also told me where the nearest one was. I wonder if he had bowel disease too... My son said I should have shown the "I have to go NOW!" card.

Jan Smiler
Wonderful! The girl has courage and the guy was a keeper!
While still coloned I was known to push old ladies with weak bladders out of the way to get into a stall or cut in front of a crying kid...(hey, he was wearing diapers!).
Hubby, who is blissfully naive, brags to all his friends and family that he married a woman who does not fart. (I was mortified when I first heard that).

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