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Good evening to all,

I have a question about further investigation of my Jpouch issues.

I have gotten a pouch scope done in August, an upper endoscopy done in September, a CT scan of the Pouch also in September, blood work, etc. The last test I am waiting on is a stool test showing possible inflammation.

All tests completed have came back negative (not showing any issues that are attributing to my symptoms) I am in pain everyday, sore distended stomach, gassy, back pain and pelvic pain.

My gut is telling me I have some blockage, bowel thickening, scar tissue, or a combination of all that or something in that family. Anytime I eat anything not low fibre I am in stitches for days, and even when following low fibre most days I am still symptomatic.

I do not have a big medical background and I do not know what else could be wrong or what else to do. I have exhausted my GI specialist and she said she can’t really think of anything else to help me. My family doctor the same.

The only thing I have yet to do is get back in touch with my surgeon, but it’s so hard right now because of Covid and I live in Canada.

Does anyone have any recommendations of what else I can be testing for or requesting from my doctors?

I appreciate any help in advance,

Happy New Years,


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Michael, the thought that came to my mind was that I would get back to your surgeon.  I say that because I have never found a GI Doc that was nearly as comfortable with my J Pouch as my surgeon is. I have tried my long term GI Doc (did one pouch scope but was uncomfortable to be my doc for that)  and a new highly recommended GI doc who did no better.  So I am not much help but my bias is strongly toward the surgeon for non-routine j pouch issues.

Happy New Years and I wish you the very best.  Todd S.

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