In November 2011 I had my Jpouch surgery and take town in completed in the same procedure. 10 weeks into recovery I developed an obsess on top the pouch. The surgeon place a wound vac on the obsess to suck it out causing a tear on top the pouch. 2 weeks later I was back in the hospital with another obsess. Since that 21 day hospital stay, I still have a a fistula from the incsicion from the wound vac and a fistula from the 2nd obsees. Both fistulas are draining from my abodomin. The J-pouch is also functioning. The surgeon assures me the tear in the pouch is causing both fistula's. Surgery is scheduled for July 12th to repair pouch and fistula's.
Has any experience a tear in the j-pouch the required surgery? Has any had fistulas drain from the abdomin?

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Sorry to hear what you are going through.

My daughter didn't have any fistulas, but after surgery to revise her j pouch, she had an infection at the incision site(that was left open to heal from inside out) and that required a wound vac, but only for 10 days. Then she developed a hematoma presacral abscess and that was also infected but they put a drain in, only for 5 days, it was caught early.

Can't you get a appointment sooner that 7/12? Seems the draining might be an issue??

Hope you get some answers.

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