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So, if you haven't heard of team challenge, it's a running, triathalon, and cycling team that helps raise money for CCFA. This past summer for me has been the summer from hell, I had my colon removed and got my J pouch going about 2 weeks ago. before this past summer I hadn't talked much to anyone about having UC and anything I really had going on with my health.

I started to speak up and it's made a huge difference, I recently signed up for the Long Island Team challenge team and just being at the meeting alone made a difference. There were a lot of people there who actually understood and could relate with everything.

You can find your local team near you on

If you I'd really appreciate if you could donate !

Let's find a cure and end this for good !
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Thank you for the reminder. I just located our local team. I cannot wait to meet people face to face. Our next meeting is Saturday. I don't know if all teams do this but we have weekly training with a physical therapist and a physical trainer. These people are paid for by a local hospital and fitness club. If we meet our fund raising goals, which appear very reasonable, our travel and hotel expenses are paid for. Is this just a local deal or does the Long Island Team do this too?
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