I work in a hospital and have exposure to a very bad flu season this year. My primary doctor put me on tamiflu for prevention (I don't actually have the flu-)

Three days on generic tamiflu has caused a reduction in all of my pouchitis symptoms--urgency, pain, etc. Is this just a weird coincidence? Is there any data to support antivirals being helpful? 

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Gee, viral pouchitis is a real thing. The only one I know of being diagnosed is CMV. So yeah, an antiviral could have a positive effect. But what does not make sense is an antiviral specific to influenza. Perhaps there is an unknown sensitivity to some virus you have been harboring in your gut that was causing trouble?

Let’s hope this is long lasting!


Thank you for validating I'm a medical professional too-

i had CMV colitis in 2003 my colon was teaming with it and it nearly killed me. I was septic -on TPN etc and had to stay on IV ganclcylovir for 6 weeks post d/c from the hospital 

Im not sure what's happening now but I'm happy. 


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