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I am flying from Hartford to Tampa tomorrow for a short vacation to see my parents.  I need to bring about 8 VSL#3DS packets and what I have to keep them cold is a small Artic Zone plastic cooler into which I was going to load an ice pack and put the packets underneath.  It will be 84 degrees tomorrow in the Tampa area (my parents live an hour south).  I think this will keep them cold until I can throw them in the fridge in Florida, but we shall see.


How do you take VSL#3 DS on the road?

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I used to always fuss about the VSL temperature, and I still do if it would otherwise get hot. If you've got ice or cold packs you need to tell TSA you've got "medical liquids." I prefer regular ice in ziplock bags so I don't need to carry it home. At a hotel I sometimes just use the ice bucket in the room.


VSL is fine for up to a week at room temperature, if you trust that your pharmacy has kept it cool.

So I found that Scott's suggestion worked really well. I packed ice cubes in a one gallon ziplock bag and placed them on top of the VSL#3 DS packets in my Artic Zone thermal bag and then stuffed the bag in my suitcase around 4:15 am. I left for Hartford around 4:30 am. Flight took off around 7:30 am and we landed in Tampa at 10:30 am. When I unpacked in Bradenton at around 12:30 pm the ice had barely melted, this despite 84 degree Fahrenheit temperatures in Bradenton at the time. I then threw the VSL in the refrigerator. It worked well.

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