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My takedown is scheduled for Tuesday..I'm so nervous as the last surgery was so hard and came with complications. I all ready know what to pack but my biggest concern is diet and supplements at the hospital. I know they are going to bring me all the wrong foods like last time. So my question is what do you eat in the hospital as soon as they start solids? Additional info regarding diet first few weeks home would be appreciated too. Thanks
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I ate scrambled eggs, toast, soup, yogurt and I think I had a turkey sandwich on the third day after takedown. I remember on the second day they brought me lasagna for lunch. I thought that was an odd thing for someone to eat right after takedown but I was hungry so I ate it. Not a good idea. The tomato sauce I think was just too harsh and it gave me awful gas pains. So your question is a good one. Just because they are bringing you food in the hospital, it doesn't mean you should eat it! Use your judgement and good common sense
and you will be fine. After a week when I was home i was eating whatever I was preparing for my family. Its all trial and error since we are all different. Good luck! Smiler
I had the BCIR and had a CIR diet to pick from the menu. I would order mainly proteins (chicken tenders, burger, turkey breast) and jello, iceys, tons of juice and water, hot broth. Mac n cheese and grilled cheese, waffles and eggs were my usuals. I was on a cream of wheat kick but it made me to thick, something more for a jpoucher Wink
Everyone's different. I had california rolls and cooked-type sushi the day after i was released from the hospital with no problem Smiler For me cheese was (and can still be) pretty horrible.

Pretzels, bread, pasta with a non-tomato based sauce, potatoes, and lots of soup are foods I would recommend.


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