Well finally after 8 months of worrying today I had surgery.. I have a seton now and he also cut into the abscess a bit more.. I have packing in it now.. I see him tomorrow and he said that he will probably take out the packing and it will not need repacking.. He also told me that my j pouch looked great and safe!! I am on a 5 day course of flagyl.. I am feeling ok very tired and really nauseous.. I am a little nervous for that first bowel movement any advice for me?
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Nearly hot Sits baths with Epsom salts! My saving grace! Also, 2X2 gauze. I also have creams to use from time to time: A&D, hydrocortisone, and Ticonazole, depending on symptoms. And a Convatec spray barrier.

Sorry you joined the seton world. It gets better... though I still have irritating days with it. Today was one of them. Not HORRIBLE, just more noticeable. The cut place will probably sting more than the actual seton. Some days it's like a blip on my radar, others, it's more noticeable. Don't know why. Still, it's better than the fistula alone.

Keep me posted. My seton is yellow... Is yours a color, too? lol I try to think of it as my "exotic" butt piercing. Wink
Thanks Rachel.. How quickly can I get in the tub? I have written down all of your lotions and potions and will get them after my doctor visit tomorrow..I took a look at my bottom and it looks strange with the packing and I think my seton is blue? I thought it would look different it looks like its lying across not inside. Does that make sense? I like the exotic piercing way of thinking..lol(:
Nothing I Google image looks anything like mine. They're all so... Not cute. Mine is cuter! I swear! The images you find for them are awful! Mine is simply a looped yellow rubbery thing that's tied. It sticks out maybe 3/4" or so, one side out the anal opening, one side out the fistula hole to the side of it, about 1/2" to the right side. That's it. Its most annoying feature is that I just can't wipe "simply" any longer. Tucks pads work, but at home, I just use TP first, then follow up with a warm washcloth or Sitz.
Hi Gina - glad to hear things are progressing for you. I would just recommend looking into bidets for your seton. Makes life (and cleaning!) so much easier. A little spray bottle works well when you're away from the bidet.

Rachel - my seton is yellow as well, and as you say, not really that horrible looking as is shown on google.

Good luck to the both of you!
I don't think you should take a bath in a tub for awhile. At least for me, my abs were so sore, if I got in the tub, I would surely have ripped something trying to get back out. . .if I could have gotten out. I had to have help getting out of bed the first few days as I had very little strength.

Use a sitz bath, which basically you just soak your butt in a small dish.
Thanks for all the advice..I went to see my surgeon today and he seems to be happy with results.. He wants to the abscess to still be packed for a few more days to be safe that it heals this time.. He did say the cut is not to deep and as for the seton I'm still confused as to how long it stays in? I see him again on Wednesday and hope all continues to go well.This time around I do feel better even though I'm walking like I just got off a horse):
I hear you, Rachel. My surgeon said 3-4 years. I see her next month, so will get an update then at the 1 year mark. The drainage has finally let up, so am hopeful.

I think the idea is to leave the seton in until the "skin" inside the fistula tube has healed. At that point, a surgery to fix it can be considered.
I had a stricture surgery yesterday and woke up with a small silk white seton that is braided, on my right side. I was shocked. I didnt even know I had a fissure. I was just wondering if it takes awhile to heal? Will I ever be able to leave my bedroom/bathroom? Afraid of accidents.
Rachel your posts are so helpful. Thank you!
You likely have a fistula, not a fissure (though it can start as such) if you have a seton.

My seton has never caused me accidents. Are you having issues? When I was strictured/narrowed, I COULDN'T go, but now I'm going normally after 3 dilations. I've not had accidents in years, though, and I sleep through the night and have for years, too... So I may be in a different boat than you. Like today, I went 3x, and it's possible I'll go once more before bed.
Day 4 and I am starting to feel very overwhelmed and depressed! Will I ever get use to this seton? I am trying to stay positive but today is hard I feel tired and I have no appetite.. The home are nurse said the abscess looks clean and hardly any discharge.We are travelling to Italy in a little over a month and I guess I'm starting to worry about that to):

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