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Well, only a few more days until my k pouch surgery (on Tuesday), and I have a million things to do before then, so I'll say farewell now. FYI, I'll be hospitalized at Mount Sinai here in Toronto for about 2 weeks, I'll try to get my hubby, Freddy, to post an update, I'll probably be out of it for at least a few days (I'll be in the OR for 7 hours!). I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, to all of you!!! In the 11 years I've been on this site you've always been there to make me smile when things weren't going so well, and have given me hope, and insight! I'm forever grateful to both Bill and Dave for creating this site, and to all of you! I'll try my best to keep you posted as soon as I can, talk to you all later,
Much love,

Eric aka J2K! Eeker

Ps - a lot ask me this, am I scared? I have to say, no, not really, I've been waiting for months, I can't wait. Of course I'll be weeping like a little girl the day of, but everyone does that, right?? Lol!
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Eric, you know I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. I'll be saying healing prayers for you. If you can send me a private message on facebook with your number I'll call you when you are feeling better. Many hugs, kisses and warm thoughts coming your way.
Fred, you take it easy, I'll be thinking of you too.
Since nothing can keep you down, do the doctors know that they need to double up on the anesthesia just to get you under?

You'll do wonderfully and all those staff people will be telling other patients about their very favorite - and funniest - patient. See you in a few!

kathy Big Grin
If you are at Sick Kids across the street (I had about 20 of my surgeries there in the '70s)I can pop by after I go to see Eric if you like...just PM me with your name and floor number...I would love to spend a day distributing hugs of encouragement!
I am sitting at work and each day I begin by gaining strength from this site. This morning I am brought to tears by the love and support you all show on a daily basis. I am so thankful for this community. Good luck Eric. We will all be thinking of you. You are on your way to feeling good!
Ok, I'll see you in 10 days! Hang in there...the calvery is on the way Big Grin...that hospital is my old Alma Mater...you are in great hands there...they are kind and loving people who are dedicated to helping sick kids...you can not get a better class of human beings on the planet!
Just take it one day at a time, keep her as happy as possible for now and talk about the 'future' and the 'once it is over and done' and 'when you are feeling better' ...give her back her dreams of being a kid...I'll see you soon...prayers all the way.
Just doing the prep for tomorrow, I'm fine, really, not too anxious, I've done this too many times already, I just wish to god they could make the prep taste better! Good god, it's like drinking water with dirty socks and salt, gross! Lol! Fear not, I know I'm in good hands, I'll be just fine, I'll try to give an update as soon as I'm able,

Eric Eeker
That is the exact definition that the French use to discribe North American coffee! Sock water...so just imagine that you are in Paris sipping an American coffee in a French Café and watching the world go by...
Hugs and hope for tons of good luck and great healing.

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