i am 7 weeks post-op of surgery 2/3. I now have a healing j pouch and a loop ostomy. I dealt with low grade fevers for my first 2 weeks of recovery and was fine. I was supposed to return to work this past Monday, but I've been fighting a fever, sometimes as high as 101.8. Lab tests showed no indicators of infection, and I'm negative for flu & pneumonia. 

Any insight would be extremely helpful, as my medical team is dumbfounded by this. 


Something i did notice ice shortly before the fever onset was my j pouch mucus discharge went from clear and odorless to a faint brown and with a stool like odor. 



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Have you had your new J pouch tested for leaks ?

 The stool like odour and colour of the mucus could be normal, as the J pouch isn't completely disconnected from the small intestine at the loop ileostomy; sometimes, what should drain into the colostomy bag, enters the J pouch.

The discharge is probably normal but with a fever I wonder if It's a sign of something more ominous. For example I had an infection under my midline incision that went undetected until take down surgery. By then it had developed into a big abscess.

Your fever started after your surgery so is almost certainly caused by something either surgery or recovery related.


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