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Hey everyone, 


I was just thinking to myself; as I'm currently experiencing a little bit of a rocky gut. Can anyone tell me if this would make sense? I've been on Cipro & Flagyl for some time now (with good results) the past few days things have gotten slightly rocky, waking up most mornings at 4-5am having to use the washroom once (usually sleep through the night) & throughout the day grumbling and gas along with slight pressure in my rear. I've been eating sour key candies, maybe two a day. If it's true that sugar forms bad bacteria in the gut is it possible this is leading to my experiences now? On top of the antibiotics killing the rest of the beneficial flora. I've picked up Bio-k Plus (travel protection - without realization) I want to start trying out different probiotics. These tablets however have a timed release (once it gets to the small intestine) Are these safe for us J-pouchers? Should I open the tablet and just mix the powder into a drink? I've had VSL3 but my pharmacy said the 10 sachet boxes are discontinued and the 30 sachet box is around $100, so I'm looking into other pro-bios.


Thanks in advance. 

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It's remotely possible that the sour candies are causing trouble, but the amount of sugar per candy is quite small. More likely the Cipro/Flagyl combination is becoming less effective (I'm on the same combination, and I'm not looking forward to the day it stops working). Have you tried other pouchitis antibiotics (e.g. Xifaxan, Tindamax, Augmentin)? If you've got lots of gas it could be SIBO - mine was treated with doxycycline.


The VSL has a lot of active ingredient, which most probiotics on the phamacy shelf do not. In any case, the price for 30 sachets from the manufacturer is about $88 ( If it makes you feel better, I just picked up my month's supply of the prescription-only double-strength (VSL #3 DS) for $610. Since (for now) my insurance covers it, the copay will be about $65.

Thanks for the response Scott. 


I haven't tried any other medications as of yet, hoping things calm down over the weekend. If not I will make a call to my doctor. Are you in the States? I'm in Canada and every time I visit VSL's website it says US orders only. Maybe I'll try another pharmacy tomorrow. As for now, do you think I'd be okay opening one of the Bio-K probiotic tablets and drinking that down? I feel like I need to get something beneficial in my system haha. Also, I thought about the effects of my Anti-biotics may be wearing off, that scares me a little because what would come next? If they end up failing me, the next step is typically what? 



 The next step if your antibiotics fail is to find an alternate antibiotic that does the trick.


Yes, I'm in the states.


I know nothing about the probiotic you've selected. Time-release probiotics might work fine for you; at least they won't do you any harm. The bacteria may be sensitive to stomach acid, so opening them up might render them useless. In any case, it's hard to tell when probiotics are working.

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