Does anyone avoid eating certain kinds of fruit to prevent pouchitis?

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I rarely eat any kind of fruit. It has a lot of acid and/or fiber. Both of those things are really bad on my stomach. I’m sure if I ate it on a regular basis, it would cause a pouchitis flare for me. I eat a few grapes a day and occasionally 6-8 fresh strawberries during that growing season. Sometimes I will eat small amount of canned fruit. I think fruit is the thing I miss the most since j-pouch surgery. Good luck.

Fruit has always been in my daily diet, as well as fresh veggies. So now I have to take certain ones out such as cherries or eat one maybe two. I can only eat very little of my fresh items. I've just started my journey On January 15th had two surgries and possibly 2 more to go. I'm hoping next year this time I can go back to the good stuff☺.

I eat fruit, usually in the morning mixed in a smoothie, or at lunch with other thickening type foods. I try to keep the portion down to 1/2 - 1 Cup.  If I eat an apple or pear I take a Beano before eating, since they will cause me to gas up.

I eat fruit too.. In moderation... But I do find that too much refined sugar makes me need the bathroom.. the RDA of sugar is 35mg... I certainly know if I've exceeded that.. Also mixing sweet stuff with some foods (i.e desserts) have an effect... In still working out which foods.

I can eat foods with natural sugars although not in excessive quantities. When I really have noticeable problems with sugar is when I eat desserts- ice cream, cakes, pies, cupcakes. My office tends to be very dessert-friendly especially when we celebrate someone’s birthday. There is usually one birthday or other office lunch a month and uniformly our office manager will order desserts and expect everyone to have a piece of whatever cake or pie or cupcakes get ordered. This is when I feel it and notice a palpable difference in my bowel function. It doesn’t kill me but I do notice a big difference. So what I do is generally behave carefully, and keep dessert and sugary foods to a minimum.

Nope. I have no restrictions on the fruit I can eat. I've had no problem with tomatoes, pears, apples, oranges, kiwi, mango, grapes, banana, or pineapple.

(forgot to mention cantaloupe and watermelon)

And since others have mentioned sugar, I've had no issues with sugar except for a few weeks after my takedown. I have a major sweet tooth; I'm sure my sugar levels exceed those of mere mortals.

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I eat fresh fruit every day. I did try a very low carb diet for a while, which excludes fruit in any quantity, but it didn’t seem to provide any benefit for me.

I take a probiotic regularly and avoid sugars in all forms like the plague.  Keep the good flora up and the stress down!

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