I was put on Suboxone a year and a half ago and it ended up being quite beneficial.  Not only did it work as an anti-depressant but I was able to eat things I never thought I'd eat again, and it controlled bowel movements. I lost twenty pounds eating mostly vegetarian.  Now that I am off of it in order to prepare for hernia surgery, I never realized how much it was controlling my pain. I am in chronic pain now, and can barely eat!  I've also had to switch to a heavier diet and I am back to eating meat again (the Sub allowed me to become vegetarian and almost necessitated it).  In addition to losing weight and making me feel happy, it also killed my appetite for alcohol and made me hyper focused.

Of course, there is a dark side to this miracle drug, and one of it being that taking too much can cause blockages, mania, insomnia, nausea, and it has a pretty long half life so it takes seemingly forever to get out of your system.  Also, people tend to use much higher dosages than needed because the doctors who prescribe them don't know how to induct these people properly. I was able to stop because I had lowered my dosage so much that I could do what's called a 'jump' to nothing.

I am back on Vicodin because of the pain, and I'd rather be on Suboxone.  I am wondering if anyone else has had much success with it.  I was able to go from 4 mgs sublingual strips down to .025.  Very little is needed to manage my chronic pain. My surgeon does not like Subs but my gastro thinks its great. Go figure.
However, my surgeon refuses to address my pain and has referred me to pain management.  

I am curious to know what others' experience has been, and also, this is an FYI for those seeking alternatives.  My Sub provider is for using it off label in this manner. She has another patient who has Crohn's who says it has given her a life again.

The only alternative I can think of at this point is a mild anti-depressant and CBD oil.  Or death. Because this sucks.  I can't even sit in a computer chair for several hours like I used to because of the pain.  I'm constantly having to lie on a couch to offset pain.  



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