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Hi all

Recently joined the forum and very helpful to read everyone's experiences, thank you all for sharing 

Long story short I was diagnosed with Dukes C bowel cancer back in 2005 (long, long family history...turns out that not only do many family members have FAP but I also have the very rare POLD1 mutation...lucky me....) at the age of 28, had a sub colectomy (so 30cm or so of large bowel / rectum left) and then 6 months of chemo.

Jump forward 14 years, consultant has said remaining polyps can no longer be managed (am in the UK and the team at St Marks in Harrow have confirmed diagnosis via a second opinion which is at least reassuring...) so I have to have a further operation next month and whilst the j pouch is the end aim we will of course have to wait and see what they find.

Rambling over!!...was just wondering if anyone else had had initially a sub colectomy and then a j pouch and what their experience of it has been. Reason being that I haven't had a normal 'crap' for 14 years, have dealt with urgency the whole time and whilst I fully appreciate that a j pouch is of course different I'm just interested to see if it is a 'relatively' similar experience.




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