This really isn't worth ranting over in the long scheme of things, but it is massively getting on my nerves. 

If my father starts singing "Momma's Got a Brand New Bag" around me one more time I think I might throttle him.....

Told you it was stupid!


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Gin, sorry but I'm laughing! Maybe you should follow up with the  guitar and horn: "Da da da da da da da da, DAAAAA!!"

Good to hear that.   Really.... Usually we are talking about some other problem.  But I do know where you are coming from... Arghhh.... Throttle... Lol. 


How are things going, Gin?  Update?  (Or maybe I missed it).  Anyhoo - hope all's going well/better.

i HATE HATE HATE being joked about relative to my gi system.  when i had the bag a new acquaintance--male no less--came to find out about my situation, and he would sing that when i would rush off to the toilet, or upon my return.  it's that song and other stupid jokes.  i bite my lip.  maybe i should physically bite it and sneer or laugh when somebody  makes a stupid joke?  you need to come up with a response, more than: hey this wasn't elective surgery.  other suggestions?  janet

I think, "I know you're just trying to be funny but this is a really sensitive topic for me and I just don't think it's funny" would work. My husband is the only one who can get away with joking like that and I even make up songs about my ostomy but ONLY with him.

We are all sensitive about our pouch no matter how many times we say we aren't. It's a life saver but we are different.  And it's OK to get upset.  If you are close enough to the person tell them. If you aren't then let it roll off since they pro ably don't know anyway.  I'm the worlds worst about being sensitive to what others are saying.  

Hubby doesn't laugh at it/me...he wouldn't dare (and he is a wimp when it comes to anything medical so he has a lot of respect for my situation and journey)...

My best friend & her hubby (he is a vet and makes a great living out of poop!) do make sick jokes but they are usually cute so I laugh with them...they are the only ones who do or who can.

They have been there through the worst of it... me living on their sofa post op (7 months!) and baptising her brand new white convertible with an exploding leg bag post op.

Anyone else? I would probably throttle.

When I had my pouch done in 79 I wrote a satirical list of things that you can never call (or insult with) a k poucher (A-hole, up-yours, you farted!...) I figure that at the time I had a pretty wicked sense of humour.


My husband often likes to joke about his situation (like, on wheel of fortune, he'd like to buy a bowel), things like that.   I joke with him about it too (especially after his first/second surgery)..that look of that stoma. Wowsa.  I wouldn't however, joke with anyone who has gone through all that unless they start it first.  It is a very personal matter.

I'm just really tired of it. My parents live with us, so I hear this all the time....

N/A, I'm doing really great; thanks for asking! My doc sent me to a wonderful physiotherapist. She kicked my butt and was really helpful with showing me how to exercise safely and focus on the strength-building I need. I'm up to going to the gym for aerobic & circuit training 3 times a week!

Eating is good, sleeping is good, the stoma is wonderful.

Now if other parts of my life would straighten out... Ha!


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