Hi all - I am 7.5 months post reversal. I had taken Metamucil for decades with UC. I started it up again a few months ago, and have found it has seemed to help with butt burn (by diluting what goes through?) And the stool seems to move through well.

But here's my question: Because the fiber bulks up the stool, do I have more BMS per day while taking it?  The late afternoon/evening number of bathroom trips are sometimes a real issue with my job. Would quitting the Metamucil reduce the quantity of stool?

I thought I'd ask the experts here before trying something that might be unfortunate. (I am nervous that if my stool is liquidy I'll have overnight seepage. As of yet I have not had that.)

I currently take 2 small doses of Metamucil: one at breakfast and one right after lunch.


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Metamucil has the tendency to absorb all the extra fluid and expand. I take 1 tsp in morning and 1 before dinner and soon will reduce it to 1/2tsp . I asked the surgeon if it has tendency to increase the urge, his response was mixed. He said the role of pysillium husk is to bulk up the stool and its easy to hold back bulked up stool rather than liquid, but it has the tendency to increase the urge for the first few months of its usage. The amount I take largely depends on how consistent is my output. Also initial days of taking Metamucil the pouch adjusts to its usage. Find your optimal dose and you're good to go 👍

For me at least, gas and consistency tend to cause me to visit the bathroom rather than volume.  So a bit of bulking probally won't hurt, but of course you need to do your own trials.  I'm constantly finding new things and finding previous assumptions maybe weren't as true as I thought.  For example I was on Beanoas a digestive enzyme, and now I don't really think it makes a difference which is weird... Maybe when I started using it I needed it and now don't..... I plan to leaves off it, the reintroduce and see if I notice a difference again.


Fibre I thought gave me really bad gas, but started it again recently and it seems ok at the moment.. to the point that I no longer take loperomide... At some point I will get to the bottom of it all.... Or maybe I just need to continually rotate everything to get the most out of it... Rambling.... Sorry lol

I find I do better with psyllium than without, but I only know that because I tried it both ways. I’d suggest trying different things to see what works for you. If there are complications you’re worried about then it’s worth taking precautions rather than avoiding the experiment. For example, if you’re worried about a nighttime accident or seepage then try a soft towel on the bed, or absorbent underwear, until you gain confidence.

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