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For those of you who have had one of these, can you tell me what your symptoms were? I am in between surgeries (step 2 and 3) and having a pretty rough time. Lots of pain but very limited to my rectum and really only on the right side. I am also passing mucus and stool very frequently which I know is normal but it seems as if the second something touches this area I am running to the bathroom - which is all the time. I also started having some rectal spasms and some urgency. No blood and no cramping but so uncomfortable to the point where I am hesitant to leave my house. I haven't even had my takedown surgery yet and am missing my diseased colon.

Thank you so much in advance.
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I use mount sinai. Like my GI doc Dr. Legnani, have since rejected the colorectal surgeon who i had (dr. greenstein). I chose to see a general surgeon with an interest in colorectal (Dr. Nguyen) instead. I see you're an rn, do you work at the same hospital? How did you choose your team?
could be an abscess or stricture. I had tons of mucous discharge between 2 and 3 and then it reduced but I ended up having tons of pain. Seems I had a stricture, so I ended up having to have a dilatation under anesthesia between step 2 and 3. Just be forwarned if your surgeon tries a little look and see in his office first. OMG.. that was the worst pain I ever had. After that failed office scope he scheduled the dilatation for 2 days later.

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