Hello everybody, I'm very glad I found this forum because the information helped me a lot. In may 2018  I had an emergency surgery due to a toxic colon (i never had any issues before). It really turned my life upside down. So now I'm  7 weeks post takedown (3 steps procedure) and looking forward. 
I'm pretty satisfied about the outcome. My frequency is about 4-6 times a day, no leakage, no pain except for some butt burn and i can hold it for hours. I follow a bland diet and take 1 Imodium in the morning. So far, so good right? 

The last 2 weeks though I have this strange, itchy feeling in my anal canal that's making life less comfortable. It doesn't hurt but I feel it all the time which is making me crazy. I think it's stool or gas entering the anal canal and causes an itchy pressure but I'm not sure. It does make me go to the bathroom to get some relief, but within 30 min it's back. Is it normal to feel the stool or gas entering the anal canal all the time or could it be cuffitis? Does anyone else recognize this? 

Thanks in advance.

greetings Alex

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Wonder if it could be a yeast or fungal infection?  For relief, try using a sitz basin. Sitting in very warm water will bring relief and the warmth will increase blood circulation to your insides, which might heal as well. It doesn't sound like a fissure, which you would definitely recognize as shards of glass burning with every BM. Unless it's the start of a small fissure?  Sorry I'm not much help, but just some suggestions. 

Hi Winterberry. I didn't thought a yeast or fungal infection could be the problem because the itching is on the inside of the anal canal. I will look for some ointments and hope it works. Thx for the tip. I now do have some sharp pains but not all the time. It's more the itching which is driving me nuts. If it's the start of a small fissure could it be the reason for the constant itching inside even if it doesn't hurt with every bm? 

I really hope it's something that can be cured because life would be so much better (even without a colon). 


Do you see your surgeon for check ups? I see it hasn't been too long since your emergency surgery but an appointment with your surgeon or gastroenterologist might diagnose the itching inside. Not itching with every BM might simply mean the tear or itchy spot might have healed over, then the next BM might open or irritate the spot again. I avoided spicy and acidic food and sauces during my first year because it would burn and irritate. Even too much fiber or semi raw food, like a salad, would irritate coming out. Your skin and tissues will mature and toughen up, but I would still make an appointment, if the spot doesn't heal.

Yeah, its an anal fissure; it happens to me from time to time; I can even pin point a specific spot within.

I assume we have folds, grooves, creases and contours up there and from time to time, little tears or abrasions occur, which are engulfed within our acidic output.

What works for me, which sounds rather uncomfortable but isn’t; is the application of ilex protectant paste applied within; which I’ve  been applying in such a manner, every now and then, for 4 years and without issues; other than the relief of the internal itching.

However, on the box and tube of ilex protectant paste, it does state “FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.”

Hi Strange, Thx for your answer. I got ointment (diltiazem) from my surgeon and use it the same way you do. I have to say it helps. the internal itching is no longer constantly present. What a relief! now i can continue to learn how to live a normal life with a pouch.

when I read the stories of others about all the problems which can occur I should not be dissatisfied. but if your life was turned upside down out of the blue last year, you can't help comparing your current situation with your life before. I’m sorry for the complaining but at the moment even a relative good functioning  pouch sucks. 

That said I will try to make a positive contribution to this forum where i can. I recently found a natural product called Tormenteva. it helps to make the stool thicker. it works very well for me. 

Gr Alex


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